ONElive Concerts and Creative, is looking for interns who are interested in learning more about the music industry, media, and podcasting through the hands-on experience. This internship offers learning opportunities in the areas of show booking, podcasting, content creation and management, media, artist management, tour marketing, publicity, social media marketing, graphics and web design, and show promotion. 

All internships are unpaid and with flexible weekly hours. A minimum of 10 weekly hours is required. This internship is 100% virtual. Therefore, candidates must be disciplined, and well organized with their time. Each week, interns must submit their schedules 2 weeks of 2-five hour blocks they will be working on their projects, and make sure to conduct their work and are 100% available during those times. Experience with Microsoft Excel and Word, and/or google docs and sheets are required and website and graphic design knowledge is encouraged.  Specifically, we are looking for individuals who are initiative-driven, proactive, hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about the music industry.

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Podcast & Blog

  • Assists in producing program material for podcast host, producers, and others in studios and on location.
  • Collaborates on building complete episodes of program by editing, scripting, and thematically linking full program segments
  • Generates segment and interview ideas
  • Conducts research and assists in arranging interviews
  • Creates show notes for each episode
  • Digital and social media marketing for the podcast
  • Create content and conduct written interviews
  • Other projects as assigned

Booking, Talent, & Marketing

  • Develop marketing/release plans for artist releases
  • Assembling advertising campaign recaps (ad packs)
  • Copywriting for promotional & web use
  • Editing and monitoring production of marketing collateral
  • Proofreading and quality assurance of print materials, artwork, etc.
  • Digital and social media marketing by proofing, creating content, trend spotting, managing social media accounts, and information gathering
  • Distribution of promotional materials (both advertisements & tickets) to various establishments
  • Assist Talent Buyer in the creation of performance offers
  • Create, input and distribute reports and forms
  • Continually update information in the system
  • Coordinate on-sales and pre-sales with Marketing Manager
  • Receive, execute and distribute performance agreements
  • Assist Talent Buyer in booking and coordinating local support
  • Other projects as assigned.

Please submit the form below and send a link to your resume (either dropbox or google drive link). 

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Currently all first time internships require current attendance at a University or College