Tunes I Found: "Colourblind" by FEELDS

This song was such a fun and refreshing find. The voice of James Seymour has a very smooth tone with a great vocal range, accompanied by very mature and catchy lyrics. As James mentioned, the story behind the song is a lustful one of a person caught up in two different worlds. This really comes across by the vocal performance of the song. The genre blends electro acoustic vibe with a pop sound. Feelds is based in Melbourne, Australia. When I listen to this songs I feel like I’m going on a journey both lyrically and musically.

I sent Feelds a few questions that are part of the “Tunes I Found” series, and here is what they had to say:

1. What’s the story or inspiration behind this song?

Colourblind is about being caught up in two minds. As the lyrics suggest, it's a pretty lustful story, but the protagonist is hesitant or somewhat unsure about what seems right. Production wise, I've really tried to push my sound envelope lately in the quest to define what the Feelds 'sound' is. At the moment, it's somewhere in the midst of blending acoustic sounds amongst evolving electronic/soundscape-y environments. It's proving to be very enjoyable, and Colourblind is the first big step in that direction.

2. For those that are new to your music, what is something you want them to know about you?

I recently left my retail job to pursue music, and I'm now in 4 bands (including Swim Season & Slowcoaching), helping produce 3 other artists, and writing music for film/TV. I'm pretty strapped for cash, but it's building, and I'm loving every minute of it!

3. Any tools or resources you can share with artists who are trying to “Make It”?

It might seem pretty cliche, but I find that setting goals and objectives is huge. You can use all of the tools in the world - but if an artist is not motivated, has little to no idea as to where they want to be, and isn't actively trying to push their craft all of the time - I think that can be the most detrimental thing to an artist's career.

4. If someone wanted to reach out to help and support you, and spread your music. What is the biggest thing you need and what could someone to help you with that?

Any help is great! To know that people are out there listening to and enjoying my music is part of the reason why I keep releasing material. So when people share it around, my sounds are being heard by more and more people, and it drives me to write more.

5. What’s your definition of making it?

'Making it' really relates back to those goals I was talking about. Personally, I want to be writing & producing music full time, touring & playing festivals, and using my music as a platform for where I want to be.

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About this series:

This is a series of cool tunes I found on Soundcloud to help us remember why we started the careers and journey that we’re on. For me it’s music, so I’m sharing cool tunes I found. When I found these artists they had less than 5,000 followers on Soundcloud. I have no connection to these artist or any idea of who they have on their team. If you’re an aspiring student of the business trying to build a career in the music industry this could be an opportunity. Reach out, promote their music, book them an awesome show, help them with their socials, help them sell merch, or whatever else they may need help with. To find more cool tunes such as these and more, they’re all on a spotify playlist and some are reposted on our soundcloud page. The spotify playlist or soundcloud reposts will include some artists that have over 2,000 followers, but not the blog series. Hope y’all enjoy!

- Chris Goyzueta