Ocoenia - "Cozy Mornings"

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Ocoenia, originally known as Hannah Rosenberg, just a young girl from Seattle, Washington with such beautiful talent, gives us "Cozy Mornings" for all of us to enjoy. The song is an Indie track that will have you singing along and trying to hit those high notes that she so beautifully masters. Hannah's voice over the melody on this song goes hand in hand with what a true cozy morning would feel like.

Hannah is an aspiring artist and has a passion and love for her music. If she is not working on her own music then she is trying to work on collaborations with fellow artists. For example, Tetsuo, Chrisfromthedeep, howlight, ilWesto are just a some of the fellow artist she has collaborated with. Her voice is one that can be compared to the famous Alina Baraz, who wouldn't want to have her as a feature on their song?

Her music and collaborations can be found all throughout her SoundCloud page. She also has some of her songs distributed through Bandcamp, apple music, youtube, and spotify.

Interview with Oceania:

Who are your musical influences?
I feel like my musical influences come from all over the place since I don't really dabble in just one genre too much, but when it comes to writing anything acoustic, I really take inspiration from artists like Dodie Clark, mxmtoon, and paper latte.

What do you like to do on a day off from music?
When I'm not doing music, I'm focusing on school, hanging out with friends, or visual arts. Sometimes I lie around and relax when I get the time to. A lot of my time is devoted to music though, as I also do instrumentals outside of vocals and songwriting.

If someone wanted to reach out to help and support you and spread your music. What is the biggest thing you need and what could someone to help you with that?
Publicity and spreading the word about my music is very helpful to every artist. Financial donations are much appreciated too!

What advice would you give to a musician or songwriter just getting started in their career?
Advice I'd give is just to keep writing! Find inspiration wherever you can and build off of it, and always write things down that come to mind. Keep working to find your style too. Something I find helpful is to experiment and try working with people on collaborations.

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Written & Interview by Alex Martin