Glenn Robinson On Building MMA Superteam - The Blackzillians

There are so many fascinating worlds in the entertainment industry. My experience is mostly in the music business. One of my goals with this podcast was to push myself and highlight other areas of the entertainment industry such as sports, film, movies, comedy, podcasts, theatre, and much more. Regardless of the difference between an MMA fighter and singer-songwriter, somehow we’re all connected. And the discipline and lessons we learn form other areas of entertainment, still apply in so many other areas of the creative journey and in life. In this weeks episode I push the boundaries with the owner of the MMA Superteam, The Blackzilians. Thanks to our intern Sara Salomon for making the introduction with Glenn. This is a different side of the entertainment business, but still so many valuable lessons and insight can be learned in this interview.

Glenn Robinson from the Blackzilians MMA Gym. Glenn started his journey as an entrepreneur in the early 2000’s as a Tool Manufacturer with a company called Iron Bridge Tools. Where he personally created the designs of all the products they sell. He even has some experience in the music industry, which we didn’t really get into, Maybe next time for a round two. He was friends with people in the world of MMA that would ask him for help and advice from time to time. When one of the guys and a group of fellow fighters wanted to leave the gym they were with, Glenn helped find them a home with no intention of getting into the business. Well, that changed. Glenn relocated these fighters to their new home the JACO Hybrid Training Center which is a beautiful facility in Boca Raton, that offers everything from classes for MMA Fighters to the average person who is interested in MMA, Crossfit, Nutritional Counseling, and much more.

The Blackzilians includes fighters such as Rashad Evans, Thigo Silva, former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez, Vitor Belfort, Anthony Rumble Johnson, and many more. Glenn is very passionate about what he does, a big family man, and really looks out for the people around him. He’s someone that has been very creative in his career in coming up with different revenue streams to grow his business. However, Glenn’s passion goes far beyond revenue and business. He’s definitely someone that puts the people in his life first, and has created a great support system for his fighters and team. I hope you enjoy this interview with Glenn Robinson from the MMA Superteam, the Blackzilians. 

Quotes Mentioned
“If you have power in social media, you have power to sell things, you have power to market yourself, you have power to accomplish a lot.”
“I think the phone is the largest drug that has ever been created.”
“You have to train hard every day.” 

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Jaco Hybrid Training Center

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Twitter: @glennauthentic
Instagram: @glennmma

Their definition of Making It
“When I was young, I thought it was all about the money. It’s about being happy with the people you care about and enjoying what you do.”