Alec Vidmar - Booking Agent at United Talent Agency on Work Ethic and Hustle

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Podcast episode number 007, is with Alec Vidmar, a booking agent at United Talent Agency in Nashville, TN. This is week three of our Nashville series, and our first booking agent. Alec has been a great friend for years, and is someone who truly inspires me with his work ethic, kindness, and giving back.

Alec Vidmar is the definition of a true hustler! He’s someone that’s patient, and always gives more to his relationships than he asks from them. From day one when he was a student at UCF he dived in head first into the music business. He started working with the UCF Concert Committee which lead to him being able to work with AEG Live as a runner and promoter rep, and also interning with Fly South Music Group, a management company based in Orlando, FL. Then he worked as a Talent Buyer for Club Firestone, which now is Venue 578 in Orlando, FL. He worked in Artist Relations with me at The Plaza Live in Orlando, FL, while also managing artist for Average Joe’s Entertainment. He learned every aspect of the business as a promoter and manager, and then became a booking agent. Being an agent lead him to move to Nashville.

As a booking agent he continued to hustle and work hard for his artist’s which landed him a job with The Agency Group which later on got bought by United Talent Agency (UTA).  UTA is one of the biggest booking agencies in the world. Alec lives by example by making the music industry not a career, but a lifestyle. And he gives so much to that career and his artist, that he recently got recognized nominated by IEBA – the International Entertainment Buyers Association for Young Professional of the Year. Alec’s work ethic is going to continue to bring him great experiences, and he’s someone that’s going to be very successful in this business. I’m very happy to share his journey up to this point with you in this interview with Alec Vidmar.

Quotes Mentioned
“Work like a dog and don’t have a backup plan.”
“Develop markets and build up crowds in multiple markets.”
“Development is finding the best opportunities for the acts that you think will make it.”
“Do everything that other people don’t want to do.”

Links to Things Mentioned
“All You Need to Know About the Music Business” by Donald S. Passman
The Lacs

Get in Touch with Alec
Instagram @alecvidmar

Alec’s definition of Making It
“Being happy.”