Phil Pallen - Shut Up and Build a Powerful Brand

This is episode #027, and features Brand Strategist, Phil Pallen. With experience on over 200 different client projects, Phil has become a master practitioner in the art of branding. His clients have been featured on Shark Tank, Dancing with the Stars, and have even won a Noble Peace Prize. He’s also an author of the book “Shut Up And Tweet,” where he teaches about the skills of growing a following and engaging with your audience. Phil is a public speaker having held keynotes all over the world. This is a quick conversation full of value and insight in building a powerful brand.

To add some context for this conversation with Phil Pallen, I talked to him during Full Sail University Hall of Fame week. This was my second year at the Full Sail Hall of Fame, but really my first year where I really got to experience it. This is a really amazing event full of value for the students. Every year a group of graduates, I believe it’s 6, get inducted into the Full Sail Hall of Fame. To be eligible, they have to be a graduate of at least 10 years or more. Also, they have to give back to the school by sharing their time with the students; mentoring students, coming to guest speak at the school, and create opportunities for students outside of school. Along with the Full Sail University Hall of Fame induction, they host a week long full of events that include keynote speakers, panels on topics related to the schools degrees, workshops, live music, and much more. It’s Full Sail University’s version of SXSW. It’s one of my favorite events that I’ve attended.

Phil Pallen is a graduate from the Full Sail University Masters of Entertainment Business program. It hasn’t been quite 10 years yet, but Phil is a true ROCK STAR at this event. The entire week, he was part of several workshops, panels, keynotes, and mentoring sessions for the students during Full Sail University Hall of Fame week. He woke up extra early the day we recorded this podcast conversation, and it literally squeezed it in 30 minutes before a 90 minute keynote presentation he held that day. It’s a quick podcast episode full of great information on building a powerful brand. So in Phil’s words, I’ll “Shut Up,” and let’s listen to my conversation with Phil Pallen on building a powerful brand. Enjoy! 

Highlights from this Episode
What a brand and social media strategist is (7:15)
Phil’s most meaningful lesson to teach at Full Sail Hall of Fame 8 (9:55)
How to begin building your own brand (12:25)
What Phil looks for in a brand (14:20)
5 laws of Phil Pallen (16:15)
3 things you would never know about Phil (21:55)
Bad advice (24:45)
Thoughts on content creation (28:05)
Who comes to mind when Phil thinks of “successful” (30:25)
First and last 90 minutes of Phil’s day (31:00)
Making it to Phil (33:27) 

Quotes from Phil Pallen
“I had tangible skills when I left Full Sail.”
“Personal branding in 2011 is not what it is now.”
“I have a brain and a laptop that I got from Full Sail University.”
“I don’t care about your resume; I want to see your portfolio if you’re creative. I want to have a conversation with you.”
“I don’t care about your resume; I care about what you can do.”
“Resumes don’t get you hired, tangible skills do.”
“Why would I take on a project for a paycheck?”
“That’s the beauty of collaboration, the best ideas are born from the conversation and the dialog we share.”
“Photography is the biggest part in building your brand.”
“I’m a big fan of sub-branding.”
“Most advice on branding is ambiguous.”
“The worst advice comes from people who don’t know branding.”
“I’m not branding who I am now, I’m branding who I want to be.”
“Branding plus hard work will get you there.” 

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Chalene Johnson
Gary Jones
John Phelps  

Places & Things
Full Sail University
Book: Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi  

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Phil Pallen’s Definition of Making It
“Coming to the conclusion that freedom is more important than money.”