Court Bauer - Former Creative Executive of WWE to Entrepreneur & Podcast Network owner and Producer of Live Events, MMA, and Pro Wrestling

Court Bauer is a former WWE Creative Executive turned to serial entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial journey actually began before his work with the WWE, running his own pro wrestling company Major League Wrestling (MLW), which featured wrestlers such as CM Punk, Brian Danielson, Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, and many more. Today MLW has become a major wrestling podcast network with shows by Bruce Prichard and Conrad, Jim Cornette, Eric Bishoff, and more. Court also produces live events during WrestleMania weekend such as WaleMania with rapper Wale, live podcasts, and live storytelling with Pro Wrestling legends.

I met Court Bauer during WrestleMania XXX weekend in New Orleans in 2013. At the time he was working PR and handling road management for Jim Ross, Good Ole JR. We had two phenomenal events with Jim Ross at House of Blues in New Orleans during that WrestleMania weekend. I always wanted to have some kind of role in the pro wrestling business. It wasn’t a big role, and it really was the smallest role possible. However, it was pretty awesome that my passion for the music business made it possible to experience two great events with the legendary Jim Ross at House of Blues. Most importantly, during that weekend I made a new friend in Court Bauer. We kept in touch throughout the years and have tried to work on some other events that unfortunately didn’t work out, but the friendship and attempt to do something never stopped.

This year, in 2017 (pending when you’re reading this), WrestleMania came back to Orlando, where I moved back to after my time in New Orleans. And this year we made it work again since for meeting in 2013. Court and I are co-hosting two more magical events with Jim Ross at The Plaza Live, my old home and stomping ground. Literally my old home! For four years I spent more time at the Plaza Live, than at my own house. That includes sleeping. Along with these two events at the Plaza Live, we are hosting Bruce Prichard and his podcast partner Conrad at BackBooth, another former home of mine. It’s amazing the doors that can open for you when you pursue a passion fiercely. For the second time in my life, the inner child in me gets to completely light up and has a tiny role with events during WrestleMania weekend that means a lot to people. I’m really excited to share this podcast conversation with the readers and listeners, with my friend, Court Bauer.

“Live the Life You Love” – Bob Marley 

Highlights from this Episode
Preview of WrestleMania (04:55)
Things Court is involved with (10:15)
The future of MLW Radio (13:53)
How aspiring podcasters can monetize money (15:10)
WaleMania (17:40)
Role with MMA (24:00)
Talent on MLW (30:00)
How Court decides matches and titles (33:43)
Creative team opportunity (35:40)
Advice for WWE career opportunities (36:20)
Questions for Court (40:05)
One step closer to a dreamer’s journey (41:20)
Court Bauer on Making It (44:30)

Quotes from Court Bauer
“You can’t prepare for these events. You just try to give the fans the best experience you can.”
“Keep it entertaining but real.”
“You have to have good production value”
“Some people are very nomadic, it’s hard to market that.”
“You have to have a defined vibe.”
“So many layers and challenges you face when you are monetizing a product.”
“Whatever it is, it’s about building anticipation.”
“Prepared for the best case scenario, prepare for the worst case scenario.”
“You gotta sell yourself, you gotta be a showman.”
“Either you sink or you swim.”
“You’re building you’re on reputation.”
“You might not bake a good cake the first time but you learn from that.”
“A 300 hitter is big, but think about how many times they strike out.”
“It’s all theoretical until you jump in the water.”
“Put yourself out there and network.”
“Be a hustler when it comes to networking.” 

Links to people, places, and things mentioned

Jimmy Iovine
Jim Ross
Peter Rosenberg
Jerry Seinfeld 

Places & Things
The Plaza Live
MLW Radio
Hot 97. NY
Atlantic Records  

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Court Bauer Definition of Making It
“Being able to live a quality of life that you enjoy, and being happy with what you’re doing.”

Court Bauer, Guest Speaking at Full Sail University in Fall 2016

Court Bauer, Guest Speaking at Full Sail University in Fall 2016