Jeremy Holgersen - Booking Agent for United Talent Agency with a 20+ Year Career Working with Influential Agents, Becoming a Leader and Building Powerful Teams

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One of the common sayings in the music industry is that it takes a village to break an artist. Building powerful and dedicated teams that make smart decisions in the best interest of the artist, and are working everyday in service to their artist, can be a game changer. Jeremy Holgersen is a booking agent for United Talent Agency (UTA) in New York, NY. He has been a booking agent for over 20 years, having worked with some of the greatest agents in the business, and has helped put together some of the most powerful teams in the world of Hip-Hop. Jeremy has worked with artists such as Action Bronson, G-Eazy, Hatebreed, Gojira, Protoje, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and many more.

In this conversation we talk about how Jeremy Holgersen got started in the business, some of his mentors, agents he’s worked with and building powerful teams. From his days at The Agency Group, Jeremy has always been surrounded by some of the most talented agents in the business, and eventually started building teams with current superstar agents. Early in his career he has worked with teams such as Peter Schwartz, Zach Quillen, and Joshua Dick where he experienced first hand the rise and success of artists such as Macklemore. Today he has built and put together teams at UTA, which we talk about in this episode. We also discuss what he looks for in an artist he represents, the transition from The Agency Group to United Talent Agency and much more. We also cover what makes a great agent, and how to stand out working in the booking agent training program aka the mailroom to floater to assistant. He shares some great lessons on booking, touring, artist development, and much more.

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Highlights from this Episode
Role at UTA and artist Jeremy books (06:40)
What makes being an agent worth it (08:20)
Mentors in Jeremy’s career (10:45)
Backstory (12:45)
Roles as an intern (17:45)
Hip-Hop department lessons and stories (20:25)
RA vs Territorial System (24:20)
How the role as an agent has evolved (27:00)
Favorite success stories (29:00)
First signed act experience (31:55)
What Jeremy looks for in an artist (35:35)
When to tour and how many markets (37:32)
Agent Training Program (40:45)
Advice on how to work your way up (42:10)
Advice to students (44:30)
Daily habits for Jeremy (45:50)
Making It to Jeremy (50:00)

Quotes from Jeremy Holgerson
“You’re a real partner with the artist and the manager.”
“Make sure you’re thinking about the bigger picture for the artist.”
“Protect and focus and make sure you’re taking care of their brand.”
“Every artist is different; every manager is different. Each personality is different and you’re figuring that out every day.”
“Most people in the agency business are still in it.”
“When you’re in the business you figure out who gets stuff done.”
“I always paired up with people I would learn from.”
“You’re coming up with the best plan for that artists’ career.”
“You don’t have to get in a van and drive city to city and turn ten people into twenty.”
“You either get it or you don’t.”
“Anything you do in the music industry is a life style thing.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Lauryn Hill
Lil Dicky
21 Savage
Action Bronson
Peter Schwartz
Joshua Dick
Zach Quillen
Cheryl Paglierani
Randall Urtiski 
Jonathan Briks
Ken Fermaglich 
Tim Borror 

Places & Things
United Talent Agency
Agency Group
Governors Ball
Shaky Knees Festival
Glass Jaw
Suicidal Tendencies
The Pogues
Bad Brains
Big Daddy Kane
Grateful Dead
Hate breed

Get in Touch with Jeremy Holgerson
*DISCLAIMER: Jeremy gets a ton of email. Please be respectful of his time and remember to always think about how can you add VALUE to a relationship. If you decide to email anyone, how can you add value to them, and not look at how it benefits you. That’s where you’ll build real relationships.

Jeremy Holgerson Definition of Making It
“I don’t know if you ever do. Waking up every day and thinking about the next challenge. Making it is being complacent.”

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