Jasmine Star - Ripping the Bandaid off to Pursue Your Dreams, and Building a Successful Business of the RIGHT Fans with Powerful Social Media and Content Strategy

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Jasmine Star is a social media and business strategist, and professional photographer. After deciding law school wasn’t for her, Jasmine ripped the bandaid off, and decided to follower her dreams to become a photographer. Through building a powerful content marketing strategy, she’s become a successful entrepreneur, teacher, and practitioner in developing and implementing social media skills to build the RIGHT audience. In this episode, Jasmine shares her story, advice for musicians and aspiring entrepreneurs, along with some of her social media tactics. It’s time to rip the bandaid off, and pursue to “live the life you love.”

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Highlights from this episode
(3:15) Favorite podcasts
(5:23) First 90 days of her dream career
(8:12) Generating confidence from the ground up
(10:00) Jasmine’s international photography accolades
(11:42) Jasmine’s backstory
(15:45) Rip the Band-Aid off, today
(17:19) Finding the idea client
(19:46) Content creation for ideal client
(21:58) Engaging strangers in social media
(25:05) Social Curator
(28:37) Common mistakes on Instagram
(31:37) What and how often to post
(33:32) Posts other than promotion
(35:17) Hashtags in Instagram
(37:48) Instagram pods
(41:18) Live video
(44:31) Day at VaynerMedia
(45:27) Favorite failures and lessons learned
(46:17) First concert and first album


Quotes from Jasmine Star
“I’m a firm believer in new beginnings and telling the right stories”
“How bad do you want this and how bad do you want to do all the unglamorous work that’s going to take to get where you want to go”
“What are the rules of the industry; once I figure out the rules, then I understand how I can break them…there’s this dynamic of I know the rules, so I don’t have to play that game anymore”
“At the end of the day, I understood my assets and I understood my liabilities…I thought about it on a different perspective: was there a way to transition or refrain what my liabilities were and use them as a way to reposition my growing brand? and I think that made a really big difference”    
“We can spend our lives thinking and overthinking and imaging worse case scenarios that will never come to fruition, and so instead of wasting that precious time…I’m a firm believer in just doing stuff; doing it and not expecting it to be a perfect outcome…I find just as mucho value in understanding what didn’t work as understanding what did work"
“It’s not about being popular…I don't want a million followers more than I want a million dollars. It’s more important to be profitable than to be popular”
“The most powerful way to use social media…is to create value for your followers”
“You want to get noticed? Start talking to the right people”
“Position yourself as helpful resource, create value and create conversation. Those are the three things everybody in social media has to do first far before they start propping their own stuff to pitch online”
“In order for you to manifest the thing that you want, you must be the first to action”
“’Trust is the current currency on the web’, trust is how you grow a business”
“Anything that is going to create conversation outside of promotion is going to be fantastic for whatever it is that you're trying to sell”
“Consistency is going to be a key in making sure you're growing”
“Record companies and producers see so much talent every single day. What they don’t see is a lot of talent with a hell of a lot of people behind them…”
“No matter what people say: good, bad, ugly; if we commit to helping one other person by sharing the things that we know, we can go to bed great that night”


Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Jasmine’s website
Top Wedding Photographers 2009
Ideal Client
Social Curator
Live Video Checklist and Preparation Sheet

Get in touch with Jasmine Star
@jasminestar on all social media

Jasmine Star’s definition of making it:
“My definition of making it is waking up pursuing what you love, thanking people along the way and finding a fire and a passion to pass on to other people”

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Episode Credits
Host: Chris Goyzueta
Producer: Jason Trosclair
Executive Producer: ONElive Creative Agency  
Music: Emily Kopp
Show Notes: Manuel Pachamoro