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Joe Pulizzi is the founder of Content Marketing Institute (CMI), and is known as the Godfather of Content Marketing. His book “Content Inc.” inspired the start of this podcast. Content Marketing Institute is the largest education and and training organization for content marketing, which also includes the largest in-person content marketing event in the world, Content Marketing World. Pulizzi is the author of Epic Content Marketing, which was named as one of the must read business books of 2013 by Fortune. He’s also the author Content Inc., and co-author of the September 2017 release, Killing Marketing. He is the founder of Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. In this conversation, we talk about what Content Marketing is, and how artists can use it to build their brands, and turn themselves into powerful media companies.

There is so much information out there when it comes to marketing. Though it’s important to constantly be learning and educate yourself, it can also be very overwhelming with the amount of information out there. Joe Pulizzi, not only describes a strategy that’s realistic, but also digestible. I mention Gary Vaynerchuck on the podcast a lot, but you can’t start off creating content on every platform, and try to be everything to everyone. Even Gary Vee started off building ONE media channel first, his YouTube channel for Wine Library. When reading Joe’s books, and listening to this episode, you’ll learn the importance of a narrow hyper focused strategy that offers enormous value to a very specific target audience. It’s this kind of approach that Making It with Chris G. has been building its business on over the past year.

A narrowed focus on ONE channel (the podcast), with a focus on giving value to musicians and music business students as the primary audience. The goal is to start expanding the “Making It” brand into blogs, and events. Our THREE media platforms. In Joe’s book, Content Inc., he talks about the power of the three and three model. The first three media platforms you build are the personal ones. For us that’s podcasts, blogs, and events - which Making It will be expanding to in the near future. I really hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, and hope it’ll inspire you to check out one of Joe’s book. - Chris G.

Highlights from this Episode
(5:41) Joe’s new book: Killing Marketing
(8:00) Joe’s electronic sabbatical
(10:36) Joe’s first concert and first album
(11:30) Content marketing
(13:33) Common bad advice by marketers
(16:18) Focusing on a primary channel
(21:25) A musician’s content
(26:30) Where do artists start?
(31:15) Joe’s backstory
(36:48) Overcoming ruts
(40:45) Effective newsletters
(44:00) Building an audience
(48:10) Reaching out to influencers
(51:03) Writing goals
(54:54) Disney’s business model
(57:32) Joe’s morning non-negotiables  
(58:57) Favorite books and documentaries
(1:00:06) Fill-in-the-blanks

Quotes from Joe Pulizzi
“marketing really should be a profit center”
“it all starts with giving away really valuable information”
“today everyone has a smartphone, they can ignore us at will they don’t have to pay attention to us so you have to create information that’s with paying attention to”
“those [social media] platforms own those audiences, you don’t; you’re basically renting them”
“organic reach on Facebook has pretty much gone away”
“we’re inconsistent with our communication so consistency is really, really key”
“you have to start with one audience, one platform, one content type at a time”
“really know who your core fanbase is, and then lean into that”
“it’s a marathon, not a sprint; there’s no such thing as viral success anymore”
“if you’re not going to put the effort into it, maybe you shouldn’t do anything at all”
“if you build an audience first, they will tell you how they want to pay”
“don’t fall in love with what makes you money, fall in love with your audience”
“you can only target one audience at a time”
“email is not dead”
“create something that is worth talking about”
“once you have a show, make sure you have a call to action”
“figure out what they [influencers] need and how you can help them, and you’ll get it back in return; tenfold”
“if you keep a goal in your head, it’s not real”
“don’t miss family, spiritual goals”
“if you build an audience in the middle you can generate revenue in ways you’d never though of before”
“question everything you’re doing about the music industry right now”
“build the audience first and the revenue will follow”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
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Bee Gees’ Spicks and Specks (Joe’s first album)
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Casey Neistat
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Disney Business Model

Disney Business Model

Content Marketing Institute Business Model

Content Marketing Institute Business Model

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Joe Pulizzi’s Definition of making it
“The ability to spend time with the people you love and not be thinking about something else at the same time”

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