Leslie Mendelson - Expanding Musical Horizons and Meeting Friends in Unexpected Places

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The music business is becoming more competitive everyday. With record labels influencing influencers and playlist curators at streaming companies, with more and more artists hustling to get their music out there, and the listeners having endless amount of options than time to listen to music. Regardless of all the competition, some of the common themes I’ve learned from my interviews on the podcast, and from listening to other podcasts of people that stand out and build longevity, are patience, consistency, and being authentic to yourself. One of the biggest lessons that, Leslie Mendelson, shares in this conversation is that it’s not only important to be authentic, but to have a clear vision of what you want your music, sound, and style to be like. Leslie Mendelson, is an artist that has been extremely patient, and is starting to shine as her true authentic self, and sharing her soul through her beautiful songs with the world.

In 2017, Leslie Mendelson released a new album, 8 years after her grammy nominated debut “Swan Feathers.” This new album, “Love & Murder,” has taken her music in a new direction, and is a true representation of her authentic self. After struggles with her label, management, and an album that never got released, Leslie is in the driver's seat of her journey and finding friends in unexpected places. A singer-songwriter, has found  herself in the “jam band” world collaborating with artists such as Steve Kimmock, Karl Denson, Soulive, and many more. Her newest album features a beautiful cover of Roy Orbison’s “Blue Bayou,” featuring Grateful Dead founding member, Bob Weir. Today, Leslie Mendelson is sharing her gift of music with the world with her new album, another new project on the way on October 27th with the Kimmock’s, and more music and tours coming soon. In this conversation, she shares some of the amazing stories on how she met her new friends, her struggles with her label, winning a Grammy, and much more.

Highlights from this Episode
(2:24) Favorite moments from 2017 (so far)
(5:38) Influences and lessons learned from collabs
(6:34) Musical influences as a kid
(7:08) First instrument
(10:50) New Record
(15:14) Love and Murder album
(16:07) Poughkeepsie Journal Cover Photo
(17:07) Roy Orbison cover with Bob Weir story
(20:55) Deal with Rykodisc Records
(23:02) Expectations of first record deals
(28:33) Grammy nomination
(29:23) Unfinished album
(31:14) Working with Glyn Johns
(32:33) What to look for in a manager
(35:12) Working with Royal Potato Family
(36:11) Process for Love and Murder
(38:37) Writing process
(40:00) Advice for musicians
(41:40) Favorite show played
(43:40) First concert attended and first album bought
(45:14) Book and Documentary recommendation
(45:52) Platonic Drinking-Buddy  
(46:21) Mentors, past and present
(47:10) Best advice ever gotten
(47:33) Leslie is currently excited about…
(48:38) New album insights
(49:18) Fill-in-the-blanks
(50:03) Call to actions

Quotes from Leslie Mendelson
“there’s so much to learn with you first record”
“I don’t think I have regrets but I think of ways things could’ve been better”
“really know what you want going in [a record deal]”
“{management] is a partnership”
“it’s hard to cut through [the noise], you need people around you that are smart and that believe in you”
“find a way to express yourself”
“everything has been done, find your way to do it authentically”
“find your own lane”
“the meaning of life is to love, give love, receive love”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Love and Murder Album
Berlin NYC
Bob Weir
Steve Kimock
Marco Benevento
Karl Denson
Grateful Dead
Joni Mitchell
Carole King
Neil Young
Bob Dylan
James Taylor
Satellite City
Poughkeepsie Journal
Roy Orbison
Swan Feathers
Rykodisc Records
Howard Stern
Jimmy Iovine
Bruce Springsteen
Mark Howard
Glyn Johns
Royal Potato Family
Steven Miller
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
The Road by Cormack McCarthy
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Bill Murray

Leslie’s definition of Making It
Making it is being able to do what you love and keep it going

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