Ron Richard - Owner of SimplePlay Presents and Talent Buyer at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans - Artist Development Strategies from Years of Booking and Promoting Live Music

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Ron Richard is the owner of New Orleans based Artist Development and Promotions company, SimplePlay Presents, and the Talent Buyer for One Eyed Jacks. In this episode, we cover how to become an artist manager, artist development, booking shows, the advance process, opening for national acts, and much more. Ron has been a concert promoter in New Orleans for over 10 years, and has worked with all the major venues in the market. SimplePlay presents has become a major artist management company in the market that has worked with artists such as Big Freedia, Naughty Professor, Sweet Crude, and many more.

To learn more about Ron Richard, keep in touch with him on Instagram at, and check out the shows he’s booking at One Eyed Jacks at   

Highlights from this Episode
[2:45] Ron’s first concert experience
[3:45] Ron’s story of getting started in the Music Business
[4:48] What is SimplePlay
[6:08] Skills an Artist Manager Needs
[7:25] Dealing with stressful situations  
[8:30] When artists should pursue managers
[10:15] Things artists should keep track of
[10:40] Managing and working with new artists
[14:18] Lessons from Promoting Shows for Artist Managers
[15:10] Advancing Shows
[16:28] Getting started as an Artist Manager
[18:30] What artists should look for in a manager
[20:05] Favorite New Orleans Jazz Fest moments
[21:32] Starting out as a promoter and reducing risks
[22:55] Making good deals and growing your business
[24:49] Getting started in competitive markets like New Orleans
[26:25] Not burning bridges with competing promoters
[28:00] Types of deal when promoting shows
[29:35] Emailing promoters - etiquette and pet peeves
[32:40] Putting together local shows with other locals
[33:45] Going out to shows
[35:32] Opening for National Acts
[36:52] Common mistakes artists make
[37:40] Lesson that took Ron the longest to learn
[39:31] Dealing with booking contracts
[41:45] Past and current mentors
[42:05] What Ron wants people to know about New Orleans
[43:40] Getting to know Ron Richard

Quotes from Ron Richard
“We sold 2 shirts, but made money on tickets. So, we canned the T-Shirt idea, and got into promoting.”
“You have to know your artist.”
“Go settle up as soon as you can, and make sure you get deposits”
“Go see shows, and talk to artists”
“Be smart with what you choose, and know your market.”
“Sometimes it works out, and sometimes you lose. That’s just how it goes.”
“The worst they can tell you is no, or they’ll just over quote you really high.”
“Work well with everyone, and eventually stuff will come back.”
“Make a point to go to other venues and show face, and talk to other buyers and people.”
“Make your hometown beckon for a show.”
“You don’t want to come off amateur to an agent.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Pearl Jam
Sage Francis
One Eyed Jacks
Big Freedia
Tank & The Bangas
Sweet Crude
Motel Radio
Shep Gordon
AEG Presents
Live Nation
Joy Theater
Orpheum Theater
Sync Up Music Conference
New Orleans Jazz Fest
My Morning Jacket
Genius Sign App
Port of Call - New Orleans
Green Day
Office Hours with Tim Heideker  
Tuesdays with Stories with Mark Norman
Hunter S. Thompson
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon [Documentary]
History of The Eagles [Documentary]  

Ron’s Definition of Making It:
“Doing something you feel really happy doing, and fulfills you. To me, I have the most fun job in the world.”

Get in touch with Ron Richard
IG: @roncheadle

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