Opportunities for DIY Musicians with Airbnb Concerts, the State of Social Media, Spotify Going Public, iHeart Media Bankruptcy and more. - Headlines and Q&A #001

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This episode features a new format. It is our first ever news/headlines that musicians and students of the music business should pay attention to, along with a listener Q&A. In the listener Q&A we go in depth with specific questions that our listeners ask. If you’re interested in having your question heard and answered on the show, please visit www.makingitwithchrisg.com/ask.

Highlights From The Episode:
[5:25] Airbnb Concerts
[14:02] iHeart Media Debt & Radio
[23:38] Spotify IPO
[35:23] Social Media Use Declining
[39:00] Review of the Month
[42:16] Working with other Musicians
[46:45] Favorite Podcasts
[54:39] How do you choose your Podcasts
[59:48] How to reconnect with fans after shows
[63:31] Lineups

Quotes from Show:
"Airbnb is valued at 30 billion dollars, which would make them the second biggest promoter in the world, competing with Live Nation."
"Monetize your emotional connections.”
“Who knows where the limit it, it’s this really wide open idea that’s really refreshing.”
“Jump on this Airbnb opportunity right now.” 
“I don’t know if radio stations will ever disappear.”
“A Media company can be on many different platforms.”
“Podcasts are actually outpacing social media.”
“Video streaming is a very big thing in Sports Radio.”
“Spotify is about to go public. It’s a company valued at 23 billion dollars.”
“There’s interactive streaming and non-interactive streaming.”
“Social Media experienced a 79-67% drop.”
“Work with other musicians who are serious about their business and are excited to play in front of people, not just their 4-5 friends.”
“If I see an artist that blows me away the first thing I do is like their pages or sign up for their mailing list.”
"The average email open rate is 12-15%, if you’re sending a good one, it’s 40-60%.”
“Send them an email you would want to open. One of my favorite ones was from the Foo-Fighters, and it was a handwritten note to their fans.” 
"The first band 30 min, second band 40-45, the headlining band is playing an hour set. Last two bands should have a significant draw.”
“Most DIY bands want that middle slot. They get to mingle afterwards and beforehand as well.”
“If you can headline, and keep people there at the end, then you’re worth money, you’re worth people buying tickets.”
“We make sure our headliners are on no later than 9:30PM/10:00PM.”
"For hip hop shows it’s different. Keep it to max 5 artists, first 3, 10-15, co-headliner is 30 min, headliner 45- an hour.”

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