Isabella Acker - Curator of Culture, Collaboration, Community, and Entrepreneur of the Miami Entertainment Scene

This episode features Isabella Acker, Curator of Culture and Founder of Prism Creative Group in Miami, FL. Isbella is a serial entrepreneur that truly believes in the power of collaboration and community, and it’s her mission to create culture and events people love in Miami, FL. She’s a former Marketing Director for Live Nation at the Fillmore Miami, and has had many great ventures in the world of entertainment prior to Live Nation and her entrepreneurial journey. In 2016, she was named as one of eight women who are changing Miami for the better by Ocean Drive Magazine. Isabella is a true inspiration to her city and for all those around her, and always leads by example to create culture and community through collaboration.

I first met Isabella in 2010 or 2011 during my time at The Plaza Live in Orlando, FL. She came with a former business partner just to meet me, see the Plaza Live, and learn about what I do. From the first time we met, she has been someone that was hungry for knowledge and learning all things about the business. Isabella always believed in creating genuine relationships, and finding ways to add value to those relationships. It was really cool crossing paths again during both of our time at Live Nation, and having a familiar face within the company. We both had a similar journey prior to Live Nation, and similar reasons for eventually leaving the industry powerhouse. In this episode, she shares her mission and passion for Miami with Prism Creative Group, her time with Live Nation, and all the things she did prior to becoming an entrepreneur and working for the worlds biggest promoter. You’ll learn what she did to help her stand out during her time in college, her philosophies on creating community, and her passion behind her mission.

Highlights from this Episode
Why Isabella chose to move to Miami (07:30)
Thoughts on Miami’s entertainment industry (08:55)
Highlights of time spent at FIU (14:55)
Isabella’s time spent working with previous companies (16:30)
Latin Billboard Awards (22:20)
The reason for working at Live Nation (29:00)
Effective marketing tips (36:19)
Inspirations at Live Nation (38:38)
Prism Creative Group (44:10)
Pillars at Prism Creative Group (46:10)
What Prism Creative Group looks for in partners (48:20)
Advice for young artists’ (52:25)
Isabella’s year goals (54:00)
Advice for those getting into Isabella’s line of work (56:50)
First and last 90 minutes (59:39)
Isabella Acker’s definition of making it (1:03:10)

Quotes from Isabella Acker
“Really it’s not about who you are, but who you know that gets you into places.”
“You have to get really creative with how you get the word out.”
“We assume 50% of the people don’t know who the band are when we market.”
“Marketing can get really stale, so what are you doing to really move the needle.”
“You should want to know how effective your campaign is, and then take pride in that. “
“If you can find peoples motivation, its really interesting. “
“You have to find the one thing you’re good at.”
“Building up the hype is super important.”
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I celebrate all of the little wins.”
“It takes years to build a market into what it is.”
“Don’t let money or the lack of money derail you.”
“It is really about being very mission aligned”
“My metrics are impact.”
“They think they know what we do, but they don’t really know what we do.”
“Everything has gravitated towards experiences.”
“It’s important to develop an experience so you speak to new audiences.”
“Concerts are an experience, it’s not just about the music.”
“You can always continue to grow your impact.”
“when you can create something really special with an employee there is value to that.”
“It’s important to get out of the routine.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned

Susan Gladstone - Event Planning Professor
Scooter Braun
Jacob Jeffries
Gary Vaynerchuk

Places & Things
Prism Creative Group
Black Key Group
Culture Crusaders
Live Nation
Florida International University
Wine and Food Festival
Cameo Theater
Orpheum Theatre
IMS Consulting
Latin Billboards
The Fillmore

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Isabella Acker Definition of Making It
“That’s a really easy answer for me, it’s being happy.”