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Heather Mae is an award-winning singer-songwriter who is unfazed by what typical pop artist today is “supposed” to look like and how the typical pop artist is “supposed” to sound. She writes and performs beautiful pop music with lyrics about real topics that affect the average person. Heather. Is inspired by her own experiences and identifies – a queer, plus size woman living with Bipolar Disorder. In this episode we discuss her new album, body positivity and empowerment, mental disorders from Bipolar to Tourette’s, and alternative remedies for mental health.

This has one of my favorite and most inspiring episodes so far. Heather really helped open me up and speak about topics that I want to share more on the podcast and have more experts on the podcast for those topics. During the episode I said something along the lines that creatives feel more. And that’s not saying that people that aren’t creative or using their creativity to make a living don’t feel. They just haven’t trained that side of their personality as much as creatives that are constantly pouring their soul out into a song, canvas, acting role, film directing, design, etc. I truly believe we’re all creative beings full of emotions, and it’s important to talk about these emotions that we feel. Thankfully for creative and brave people like Heather Mae, it brings more awareness to these topics, and hopefully makes people more courageous to talk to someone about their feelings. It’s something that’s so important, and we should never let anyone or any pre-conceived perception of what a pop star should look and sound like, what sexy is, what strong is, etc. hold us back from being our most true authentic selves.

I love this episode, and Heather Mae is a truly beautiful human being making a giant impact in the world, and I hope this podcast helps and inspires one person.

Highlights from this Episode
[3:10] Doing a Yoga Headstand
[7:02] Eating disorders and being fat in the music industry
[18:39] Struggles of Anorexia
[24:55] The things that really matter in health and longevity
[31:08] Using the terms fat versus overweight
[39:35] Overcoming the battle with an eating disorder
[43:25] Where Heather found her courage
[45:35] Being your real Authentic self
[50:25] First single “Feeling Crazy” and going off of Bipolar Medicine
[57:34] Finding alternative ways to treat mental illness
[1:14:05] Bringing more variety to the Podcast

 Quotes from Heather Mae  
“My body is a machine and she is capable of so much.”
“All bodies can be sensual, and all bodies can be beautiful.”
“Plus size women in the music industry is so much bigger than just singing our songs.”
“When my body is in the spotlight, girls who are bigger that look like me, they don’t feel like they’re a freak.”
“Your body will tell you where it wants to go.”
“You are the only one that knows what feels good.”
“Physical health is just as important as mental health.”
“I’m perfectly perfect the way I fucking am right now.”
“I made a vow to God that if I got my voice back that I would make social justice music.”
“When I came out as queer and as a social justice songwriter and fat, I realized I didn’t have to search so hard for my fans.”
“When I started shifting from trying to be a pop artist that fit into the music industry, and instead just talked about my fans what I believe…I found my fans.”
“I focus my time to what is the legacy I am leaving behind and that shifted everything for me.”
“We live in a world where mean aren’t supposed to feel…but it’s so ridiculous.”
“There is a huge spectrum of gender and so we should just let ourselves just exist.”
“We as creators, I believe, are in the service industry.”
“Somebody that is going through a hard time or has been through a hard time, when they listen to that, they feel seen, and when they feel seen they feel loved.”
“It’s really important that we as creators are mindful of what we do with our vessel.”
“Musicians need to be finding things that fill their souls that help them be the best creators they can be.”  

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Heather’s Definition of Making It:
“I have made it because I’m living a creative life where people listen to my music and are staying alive because of my music.”

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