Davey Jay - Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Your Career in the Entertainment Business

Davey Jay is an Entertainment Business and Intellectual Properties Attorney. In this podcast Dave discusses how she became an Entertainment Attorney, how to get clients, how to protect your Intellectual Properties and your business, contracts, choosing your PRO, and much more. She got her law degree at Barry University in Orlando, FL, and has been practicing law in the Entertainment Industry since 2008. Davey Jay started her Entrepreneurial Journey when she became a partner at the law firm Meehle & Jay in Orlando, FL. Along with being a practicing Entertainment Attorney and Entrepreneur, Davey Jay is also an Instructor at Full sail University in the Film Production Masters of Fine Arts program, teaching Entertainment and Communications Law. Not that she needs more on her plate, but Dave is also the Chair Elect for the Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law section of the Florida Bar.

I first met Davey Jay at Full Sail University when she gave a law workshop for aspiring Entertainment Law students. She is really passionate about her craft, and finds ways to make it fun and has the ability to take a very complicated topic and make sense of it to the average person. In this conversation we talk about film, music, a day in the life of an entertainment attorney, things creative people should be aware of, and all things that make Davey Jay uniquely who she is. We also dive into how she got started in her partnership with Meehle and Jay and the types of clients she deals with, and some of the stories from her journey. We also discuss her routines, advice for aspiring students, and even the importance of content marketing for an attorney. Make sure to protect your creative career and Intellectual Property. As Matt Cottingham said in episode 008 of Making It with Chris G, whenever someone presents you something with words that you need to sign, you should consult with an attorney.

Highlights from this episode:
Jay describes role at Full Sail University (03:55)
What Jay does on the daily (08:30)
How Jay manages a busy schedule (12:25)
Jays first and last 90 minutes (14:20)
How Jay knew she wanted to do this (17:03)
Advice for those going into law (19:45)
Mentors in Jay’s life and career (22:50)
Journey to practicing Entertainment Law (24:30)
How Jay built her client list (26:20)
How Jay got her partnership (29:20)
Taking on new responsibilities (31:30)
Jay’s common deals (33:05)
Red flags in contracts (38:10)
Who Jay works with and what they do (41:00)
Right time to get an attorney (41:30)
How to choose royalty companies (49:45)
Advantages of living in Orlando (51:20)
Laws in films (56:30)
Advice for students (1:00:05)
Resources in Jay’s Career (1:03:00)
Rapid Fire Questions (1:04:55)
Content for M&J (1:13:15)
Making it (1:19:40)

Quotes from Davey Jay:
“Make yourself a valued member on the community”
“Law school teachers you the law, not how to think.”
“I’m the one who makes their house built out of brick and not straw.”
“You have to have a balance for family and yourself.”
“Got to a studio, go to more live shows.”
“It was who I knew that helped me get work.”
“You really have to dig in.”
“Success is different for every person.”

Links to People, Places, and Things mentioned

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Sandra Bullock
Aretha Franklin
Victoria Hernandez

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Full Sail University
House of Cards
Game of Thrones
Silicon Valley
Game of Thrones Tour
The Doors
The Beach Boys
Sound Exchange
Plush Studios
Ybor City
Film FL
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Pocket Lawyers (BOOK) by Thomas Crowell
Content INC (BOOK) by Joe Pulizzi
Wills Pub

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Making it to Davey Jay:
“It’s where do you want to be, and I don’t think that is a static thing. I think that you should have never made it and if you think you’ve made it you’ve gave up.”