Reid Martin – Creativity and Outside of the Box Thinking on Touring and Artist Development with an Artist Manager and Natural Born Entrepreneur

Reid Marting, MidCitizen

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Reid Martin is the Founder and CEO of New Orleans based Artist Management company, MidCitizen. His journey began playing in bands to going on the road as a tour manager for Soul Rebels Brass Band. When Reid decided to get into artist management, his mentors pointed him towards a band called Sweet Crude. There was also a point where he co-owned a venue in New Orleans called Gasa Gasa. His experience from managing his own band, being on the road, managing a venue, managing artists, and his natural entrepreneurial spirit, has lead him to start one of New Orleans’ most respected artist management companies in MidCitezn. His company works with the legendary Big Freedia, Sweet Crude, Tank and the Bangas, The Suffers, Maggie Koerner, Naughty Professor, and many more.

In this episode, we discuss Reid’s journey to starting MidCitizen Entertainment, their company structure, what makes a good artist manager, touring strategies for artists, and when artists should play outside of their hometown or home region, being unique and thinking outside of the box, and much more. This is a shorter episode but filled with gems and serious knowledge. Reid is someone I’ve always looked up as an influencer in New Orleans, very intelligent about the music business and entrepreneurship, and just a really good human being.

Highlights from this Episode
[2:45] About Reid Martin and MidCitizen Entertainment
[7:35] Company structure of an Artist Management Company
[15:45] Building up chops to be a better artist manager
[25:13] Advice for new Artist Managers and how to make best use of their time
[31:01] Business structure for Artist Management companies  

Quotes from Reid Martin
“If this was a restaurant, the artist is the Chef, and you (the Artist Manager) are the GM.”
“There are an infinite number of paths you can take, and every client is different.”
“We’re always trying to figure out new ways to creatively reach new people.”
“What can we do to make money, but also increase visibility?”
“What lifestyles might be interested in this artist?”
“There are other ways to reach people, that aren’t just the standard ways.”
“Approach everything of a standpoint of creating awareness.”
“We can get bogged down by the idea of ‘I need to play this festival.’”
“As an artist the first thing it comes down to is quality.”
“You have to have a great live show and great recorded music.”
“If you’re able to create your own thing in your hometown…and be undeniable, that’s everything.”
“You should figure how you can sell 300 tickets in your home market.”
“If you don’t have a strategy to sell 150-300 tickets in your own market, it’s not going to work outside of your market.”
“From the time an artist is making great music and putting on a great live show, to the time they’re making a living making music, is 10 years.”
“We don’t have contracts with our artists. We go out and win their business every day.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
MidCitizen Entertainment
Soul Rebels
Sweet Crude
Gasa Gasa [New Orleans Music Venue]
Big Freedia
Tank & The Bangas
High Road Touring [Talent Agency]
Verve Label Group
One Eyed Jacks [New Oreleans Music Venue] 

Reid Martin’s Definition of Making It
For Artists - “Being able to make the art that you love that’s true to you, and also enabling you to have the personal life you want to have.”
For Reid – “I do what I love for a living and I’m able to pay my rent.”  

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