Olivia Noelle - "High for Me"


Olivia Noelle, an urban pop singer-songwriter based out of Brooklyn, New York, just released her latest single “High For Me,” featuring Kid Ink. Even though Noelle was raised near Portland, Oregon, she got her start in the industry in Los Angeles collaborating with other musicians and writers, while fiercely networking. She eventually moved back to New York to “cultivate her sound.” This catchy track from the rising star combines some quite compelling vocals, and an addictive melody to keep her fans locked-in on the vivid double meaning behind this song. 

This is not just another typical love song. What’s interesting about this tune is that it is satirically paired with scenes from the 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda motion-picture, Reefer Madness. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier and produced by George Hirliman, this flick hinges on the supposed dangers of what happens if and when people are peer-pressured to experiment with marijuana. Consisting of graphic scenes depicting rogue behavior ranging from hallucination to mania to suicide, the film was intended to be used as a device to deter students from dabbling in substance abuse.

While Noelle sings lyrics of, “When I can’t hold the wheel, will you drive for me? When all I feel is low, will you get high for me?” there is a laughable image of a monkey madly steering behind the wheel of a car. There are also quite a few scenes of teenagers loosely dancing through clouds of smoke with their partners, while blunts stick out of their mouths. “High For Me” is a double entendre, and while the video scenes clearly advocate against cannabis, the song is not necessarily in agreement with that attitude. The times are changing, especially now more than ever, seeming as petitions for marijuana to become legal nationwide are on the rise.

You can check out some of her other songs such as “Made of Gold” and “Faking It,” on her SoundCloud link here: https://soundcloud.com/iamolivianoelle

What’s the story or inspiration behind this song? 
This song is about bracing yourself for the crash from a fall and wanting to know that the person you’re falling with would pick you up when you’re down, keep you high when you’re feeling low, and ride all those waves with you - because you would do it for them. 

For those that are new to your music, what is something you want them to know about you? 
I write all of my own stuff - usually with my close homies. Everything you’re hearing is inspired by true events from my own personal experience. I am probably too honest, but I want to be genuine and real above all else. 

Who are your musical influences? 
Billie Holiday, Mariah, Biggie, OutKast, The Spice Girls. 

What does the music industry need more of? 
Women supporting other women - and opportunities for those women to grow, climb, and build their own companies and have their own power. 

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Written by Ashley Avicolli
IG: @ashleyavicolli