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Nashville, TN- a place mostly known for country music is seeing a rise of pop and R&B artists coming to create honest music. Camden, our featured artist today, is no different to this trend. His new track, titled “Friend”, is a dive into pop vibes with a touch of signature Nashville songwriting- the honest, storytelling type. With catchy lines such as “hope you want what you got and got what you wanted” that will repeat in your head for days on end, Camden’s music gives off a Chainsmokers vibe (but better!). Listen to “Friend” on Spotify or Apple Music now! Warning: song will get stuck in your head, but we aren’t complaining.

An Interview with Camden

What is the story or inspiration behind this song?
I have a lot of great friends in my life, but I definitely wrote this song from a place of bitterness.  Most people have experienced friendships or relationships that feel one-sided, and the other person moves on but you can’t seem to.  “Friend” is about that.

For those that are new to your music, what is something you want them to know about you?
I’m a big believer in chasing your dreams, regardless of the challenges you face.  The song “Friend” was a year-long process, but the experience I gained along the way has led to more opportunities, and music that grows as I grow. So I guess I want people to know that my music is an expression of where I’m at in the moment, and new stuff to come may sound different than music I released before.

Who are your musical influences?
“Friend” showcases more of my pop/r&b influences, but at home, I’m really inspired by Amy Winehouse, and also European beatmakers like Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, and FKJ.  I even have a public playlist on Spotify for other people that are into the same kind of thing.  It’s called “Camden’s Top Picks." 

What do you like to do on a day off from music?
Quality hangs with friends in Nashville.  There’s such a great community of people here that literally have become like family to me.

Which books, documentaries, blogs, or podcasts do you share the most with other musicians?
The book “All You Need to Know about the Music Business” by Donald S. Passman is a staple for musicians.  I’ve also been listening to a podcast called “And The Writer Is” with Ross Golan.

If someone wanted to reach out to help and support you and spread your music. What is the biggest thing you need and what could someone do to help you with that?
I’m always stoked when people share my music on social media and add “Friend” to their playlists on Spotify. Or get really crazy and purchase the song on iTunes. Haha (I don’t even do that).

What advice would you give to a musician or songwriter just getting started in their career?
Definitely, write songs that you know you love before embarking on making any kind of EP.  When I first started, my goal was just releasing an EP, and not necessarily taking time to develop as an artist.  Music is a process, and it’s important to create art that resonates with you and feels believable to the listener.  Producers will gladly take your money, even when you’re not ready to create something that embodies that.

What does the music industry need more of?
It needs more authenticity, not only from a music perspective but also from a human perspective. Often times, people in the industry are trying to do whatever it takes to come across as successful, even if they’re not.  This takes the human element out of the music, which so many times is what listeners connect to.

The Hollywood Vampires - Alice Cooper, Keith Moon from the Who, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Micky Dolenz of the Monkees - if you had to put together your version of the Hollywood Vampires to have a night of drinks with, dead or alive, which 5 people would be part of your drinking crew?
Haha, pretty sure I’ve had these nights with my Nashville friends Paul Castillo, Struan Shields, Connor Dwyer, and Kyle Reynolds.  I’m the 5th of course.

What is your definition of making it?
I’ll feel like I’ve made it when I can support myself, and be generous to those around me by doing what I love.

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Written by Kaitlyn Walters
IG: @kaitlynalycee