SPELLES - "Light Me on Fire"

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Calling Los Angeles home, SPELLES, a singer/songwriter, recently released an enchanting single boldly titled “Light Me on Fire.” Enrapturing the idea of choosing to stay and support someone rather than leaving, powerhouse vocals and an energy filled track create a unique spark of emotion in the song. She describes her sound as a “spooky tribal blues.” Her debut EP is available on iTunes and Spotify, with songs that each tell an original story in her own spell casting way. We can’t wait to see where SPELLES goes from here!

A conversation with SPELLES.

For those that are new to your music, what is something you want them to know about you?
I’ve been working towards a career in music for a long time. I moved to LA after school and it has been a very challenging yet rewarding journey that has completely shaped who I am today as a person. I have one self-titled EP out and I’m about to release a new EP titled Skeleton Coast I in February. I like to call it “spooky tribal blues,” but you can call it whatever you want.

Who are your musical influences?
I grew up listening to the female alternative musicians on the radio in the 90’s like Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, and Sarah McLachlan. In high school, I got really into Nina Simone and Tori Amos. Tori was one of the artists that got me into writing my own songs. I’m also a big fan of artists such as Portishead, Feist, and Radiohead.

If someone wanted to reach out to help and support you and spread your music. What is the biggest thing you need and what could someone to help you with that? 
Tell all of their friends about my project and bring them to my shows!

What advice would you give to a musician or songwriter just getting started in their career?
Keep your head down and work on your craft until you’re creating things that make you really excited. Also, try to find a community of musicians whose work you respect, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there (ie. playing shows or asking people for help). 

What does the music industry need more of?
Long-term investment in artists. It’s so hard to find these days.

What is your definition of making it?
Today my answer to that question is to be able to support myself financially long term from music that I create.

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Written by Kaitlyn Walters
IG: @kaitlynalycee