Greg Rollett On Taking Risks and Trying New Things

In the Summer of 2015, it’s been about six months after I left working as a Talent Buyer for Live Nation. Prior to landing at Full Sail University, I asked one of my best friends, Greg Rollett, for some advice. Greg told me that “I need to start a podcast” featuring people I’ve met along my journey in the music business. Finally a year later in August 2016, I finally made it happen with Greg as my first guest. I first met Greg in 2006 when is former band performed at my first ever concert, Rock for Hunger. From day one he inspired me with his wisdom for digital marketing, social media, branding, and pretty much all things marking. Whenever it comes to marketing and creating content, I call him the “guru.”

There was no more appropriate way to bring you the first episode of “Making It with Chris G.” than with my good friend and mentor, Greg Rollett. He’s a true serial entrepreneur and always pushes himself to the next level. Every time I talk to Greg, it feels like he’s starting a new project, creating new content, and finding new creative ways to promote products and himself. In this first interview with Greg we talk about taking risks, trying new things, his life journey, stories from his music career, and much more. Welcome to this first episode, and a show that will hopefully bring you lots of wisdom and knowledge of the entertainment business. Making It with Chris G. is a weekly podcast where we feature the stories from behind the scenes to the spotlight of the entertainment business of people who are “Making It” every day, and sharing their wisdom to help you get one step closer to making it! Enjoy this first episode!

Quotes Mentioned
"Create One piece of content; have an opinion about something."
“No one is responsible for your future, but you.”
“If you want a deal, go make a deal.”
“You have to create your own opportunities." 

Links to Things Mentioned 
Bulletproof Coffee
Tim Ferris Podcast 
Michael Masterson’s “Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat” 
Slack (team communication software)

Get in Touch with Greg
Facebook: Greg Rollett
Instagram: @gregrollett
Twitter: @gregrollett

Greg Rollett's definition of Making It
"Being able to be there for the people that mean something to you when they need it.”