Christine Cameron On Being Creative with Product Management

In the summer of 2016, I started my journey for my Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. My second course in the program was Product and Artist Management with instructor Christine Cameron. At first I thought, this ought to be interesting. It’s an area of the music business I spent the last ten years working in. Well mostly in concert promotions and artist management, but relevant enough. I approach every class with an open mind, and that there is always something new to learn. Not only did I learn something new, but also I was blown away. Christine was full of great knowledge and had a class full of valuable content. Her assignments were relevant and interesting, she introduced me to some new resources, and really made me look at product and fan experience from a different perspective.

After the course was over, I had to meet her. Our first meeting was almost a two hour-long conversation with so much great insight on the business, and I learned that she also had a really great story. I had to bring her on the show as my second podcast guest to share her knowledge in television, advertising, and product management.

Christine has an absolutely fantastic resume, and she’s an amazing educator about the entertainment industry. Her career is in the world of product and artist management. She has established herself in the teleshopping genre as an On-Air Personality, a Talent Trainer, a Vendor Negotiator/Product Buyer, and a Sales Manager, Christine is intimately familiar with how this part of the industry is tasked with driving revenues through successful product, vendor, program selection, and of course, sales. She has been a TV Host on Gem Shopping Network, Executive Vice President and On Air Personality for Today’s Shopping Network, she has been a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Quality Food in the US Virgin Islands, doesn’t that sound like a beautiful place to work, she has earned her masters degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University where you can find me, she has been an Instructor for Marketing, Advertising and PR at The Art Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, before coming to teach at Full Sail University in the Entertainment Business program. She has traveled the world and lived in some amazing places. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with today’s guest, Christine Cameron.

Quotes Mentioned
“Do whatever it takes to get the door open to you.”
“Be patient, but very purposeful."
“Be brave enough to keep doing it.”

Links to things Mentioned
Gumroad (Audience Growth, Content Creation) 
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Their definition of Making It
"Earning a living from what you’re passionate about."