Emily Kopp on Touring, Licensing, and Backpacking the World

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This is a two-part episode featuring Singer-Songwriter, Touring Artist, and World Traveler, Emily Kopp.

Emily Kopp started her journey writing original music after being inspired by musicians that performed at the Plaza Live in Orlando, FL. This is where she worked as a runner, assistant, marketer and much more. From the day she wrote her first song, everyone around her became immediate believers. Her skills as a writer, and her unique tone from her voice, had future star written all over it.  Soon after she started touring the southeast in her junior year of college. She has opened for and toured with artists such as Matchbox 20, Brandi Carlile, Michelle Branch, ParachuteBoyce Avenue, The Gin Blossoms, Marc Cohn, ZZ Ward, Phillip Phillips, and many more.

After a few years of touring, she decided to take a sabbatical and backpack the world in January of 2016, having visited places such as New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Argentina, and many more. This was a journey that lasted for over six months. Emily is currently having massive success licensing her music with her side project Midnight Riot, having songs placed in commercials for brands such as Jet Blue, Mini Cooper, Urban Outfitters, Mary Kay, LG Mobile, Amazon, Honey Bunches of Oats, and the list goes on and on. Emily has moved to Nashville in the Fall of 2016, to continue her pursuit in the music business as a songwriter. Also, in the Fall of 2016, she released a live album called Orlando in dedication to the victims of the tragic Pulse Shooting in Orlando.

She’s currently working on her next original project and project for Midnight Riot. In this two part series, we go through her amazing journey and share some valuable insight and lessons. It’s amazing to think that she has already accomplished so much in her short career, and she’s still has the ability to do so much more. I’m excited to call her a great friend, and have her playing my wedding in February. Shout out to my fiancé Alicia. I hope you enjoy this two-part interview with Emily Kopp.

Quotes Mentioned
“The only light that you’ll ever see is the light that people give around you.”
“I can fail at doing something I don’t like, so I might as well fail at something I do like.”
“You might win for a week and then you’re gonna fail again.”
“The second you let things fall into place, they do.”
“Music is the one things that’s universal.”
“I love to do things for the people that I love. I think being selfless is selfish.”
“I don’t think you need to be anywhere, to be free.”

Links to Things Mentioned
Hanoi Rocky City (Vietnam) 
HelpX (Work Exchange)
WWOOF (Farm living)
Fiona Clark (New Zealand Photographer)
“This Is Water” Speech
Ink Hunter
FiLMiC Pro
“Steal Like an Artist” Book
“Scary Close” by Donald Miller

 Get in Touch with Emily
Snapchat: @emkopp
Twitter/Instagram: @emilykoppmusic & @midnightriot

Their definition of Making It
“When you’re excited to get up in the morning.”