5 Steps to Building a Foundation of Mastery in the Entertainment Business

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This episode is a Thanksgiving Special. We tried out something new for this special episode where we combined lessons and highlights from past guests explaining those lessons. The focus is 5 steps to mastery in the entertainment business. These are 5 steps that will help anyone stand out, and when applied along with the concept of 10,000 hours, patience, and consistency; they will approach mastery in the entertainment business, and really any field. In this episode, we showcase lessons from Greg Rollett (episode 1), Alex Knight (episode 3), Katherine Forbes (episode 6), Christine Cameron (episode 2), and Erick Charles (episode 5).

5 Steps to Mastery in the Entertainment Business
1. Study the Masters and Collaborate with Others – with Alex Knight
2. Taking Risks and Trying New Things – with Greg Rollett
3. Learning New Skills – with Katherine Forbes
4. Creating a Unique Product – with Christine Cameron
5. Lifestyle and Relationships – with Erick Charles
BONUS: Practice Patience