Herb Gonzalez - Telling a Visual Story with Photography

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In this podcast episode we dive into the world of photography and content creation with photographer, Herb Gonzalez, also known as Lion the Lion.

Herb Gonzalez is a musician that has played in bands in Central Florida. He’s currently studying at Full Sail University in the Music Business Program. Herb is one of the directors for the artist development organization at Full Sail, 3300 and Climbing. While at Full Sail he rediscovered his passion for photography and in less than a year people are taking notice of his work. Not only does he take great photos, but he’s also developed the chops to edit photos to make them look natural and as he says “make them look beautiful.” Herb is still in the early stages of his career, but understands the importance of great content as I talked about in the lesson for last week. There is so much we can learn from him to take better pictures and put out better content. Here is my interview with Herb Gonzalez – the Lion.

Get in touch with Herb:
Website - www.lionthelion.com
Instagram / Twitter

Herb’s definition of Making It:
"Getting recognized for what you’re doing, and being happy."