Adam Taylor - Delta Rae Tour and Production Manager on Life on the Road

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Adam Taylor graduated from Full Sail University with degrees in Show Production and Music Business. After graduating, he went on to work with me at The Plaza Live in Orlando, FL where he became the production manager. Then he went on to become the Tour and Production Manager for Delta Rae with whom he ran sound for the band at the Democratic National Convention where he met Michelle Obama, David Letterman, he has been part of festivals such as Bonnaroo, Hangout Fest, Voodoo Fest, Austin City Limits and many more.

Adam has travelled the world with Delta Rae and is only in the early stages for what is going to be a very beautiful career. We’re going to learn what life on the road is like from a Tour Manager and Production manager perspective and what it takes to land in one of those careers. He’s creative as a production manager and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I hope you enjoy this ride down the road, with Tour Manager Adam Taylor.  

Quotes Mentioned
“Be prepared to do extra work on top of what you think you deserve.”
“Your attitude is what’s gonna take you further than anything.”
“You can’t confirm enough times; you can’t plan far enough out in advance.”
“Breathe, take a break, it’s all serious, but don’t take it so serious.”
“Reach out to that stack of business cards.”

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Their definition of Making It
“Waking up and still loving what you’re doing.”