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This podcast episode kicks off a five week New Orleans series. When I first moved to New Orleans in 2012 to work for House of Blues / Live Nation, was the first time I moved away from home. I started right in holiday season too, so it was also my first time alone for the holiday’s. One of the first friends I made there was Erick Greene. My first week there, he came up to my office and decided to take the new guy out for drinks. Ever since then he’s become a great friend, and also someone I’ve learned a ton from when it comes to marketing shows online and social media.

Erick is always on top of the newest trends in marketing, and very creative when it comes to promoting shows. After playing in bands in New Orleans, he landed an internship at House of Blues New Orleans, which lead him to becoming the Marketing Coordinator, and social media guru when marketing shows online became a brand new thing. His passion for learning made him a very valuable asset for House of Blues. Erick’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed though to the outside world. In 2013, Huka Entertainment, came in and swooped up Erick Greene to become their Marketing Manager at their New Orleans office, which is where he still is today. With Huka, Erick is promoting over 200+ concerts per year in the Southeastern United States for their touring division.

In this podcast conversation, Erick offers a ton of value from his experience. He talks about what you can do to stand out as an intern, the transition from House of Blues to being bought by Live Nation, how social media affected the way shows were promoted, his journey, and so much more.

Highlights from this Episode
About Huka and Erick’s role as Marketing Manager [4:55]
How Erick got started in the music business [8:31]
What you can do as an intern to stand out [13:41]
The transition from House of Blues to Live Nation [15:26]
How social media affected how shows were promoted [18:15]
Skills students should learn besides what they learn in the classroom [22:34]
Being part of a legendary system at House of Blues New Orleans [29:08]
Becoming the Marketing Manager for Huka Entertainment [33:40]
Building a scene in a new market [37:04]
Building your fanbase as an artist [40:41]
Erick’s favorite shows [49:02]

Quotes from Erick Greene
There is an energy there that you can’t replicate unless you’re in it.”
“House of Blues was a University within itself.”
“You can still bring new things to the table.”
“What breath of life can you bring to your internship?”
“The biggest thing you can do is to learn as much as you can.”
“You need to build up your personal skill set.”  
“Empower yourself, and don’t wait for someone else.”
“Understand what makes the market tick.”
“Every market that we work in is insanely different from each other.”
“To build relationships, you have to build trust.”
“The magic is working with the artist and building them up in your markets.”
“You have to do what works for your band and your brand.”
“I wake up, have a cup of coffee, and realize that I couldn't imagine doing anything else.”
“Keep learning, keep pursuing, and keep developing yourself.”
“Go out there and grab it!”

Links to Things & People Mentioned
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Mark Roberts - Sr. Marketing Manager for Live Nation New Orleans
Sonny Schneidau - 40 Year Talent Buyer for House of Blues and Tipitina’s
Old Dominion
Throne Theater in Wilmington, NC
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The Alchemyst [Book] by Paulo Coeloh
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The Four Agreements [Book] by Don Miguel Ruiz
Kevin Stone - Talent Buyer for Florida Theatre
Pollstar Live 2017 Sessions  

Get in Touch with Erick Greene
Instagram: @docgreene
Twitter: @docgreene

Erick Greene’s Definition of Making It
“Doing what you love to do, and doing it. You’re always in the process of making it”