Greg Rollett - Creating Your 1,000 True Fans, Engaging on Social Media, Building Your Content List & Winning Emmy Awards

Greg Rollett returns due to popular demand! People loved episode 1 with Greg, and now we really get into it. In this round 2, we’re talking about building your 1,000 true fans, creating your content list, engaging on social media, setting goals, and much more. This episode has some great takeaways on action items you can apply to your career today. Also, we talk about Greg’s newest accomplishment of being a first time Emmy Award Winning Producer for the documentary “Return to Esperanza.”

Greg is one of the people that inspired me to start this podcast, and always pushed me to re-create myself. I’m sure when you listen to this episode, he will do the same for you. In the first episode of “Making It with Chris G.” you can hear more about Greg’s story, and how he got started in his journey. He’s one of my great friends, and is always working on the next amazing project. I’m hoping to have him as a regular guest on the show to bring you inspiration, guidance, and steps on how you can take your career to the next level today. I hope you enjoy this round 2 with Greg Rollett.

Highlights from this Episode
Winning his first Emmy Award [8:30]
His New Show “The Ambitious Life [12:48]
How does someone create more value, and build true fans [17:08]
The importance of building an email list [20:20]
Building your business for mobile [26:02]
Creating visual content and video [28:18]
Applying to 80/20 rule to your career [32:02]
Brainstorming and creating your content list [34:35]
Building your story through points of affinity [43:13]
Engaging with your fan on social media [47:22]
Advertising on Facebook [52:06]
Setting goals [58:18]

Quotes from Greg Rollett
“If you do great work, you create great art.”
“The more credibility you can stack, the easier things become.”
“Can you find the one outlier that can help you get there 10x faster.”
“Facebook advertising is the most underutilized thing for creatives.”
“At the start, you scale your fanbase by interacting with your fans.”
“Optimize for mobile first. That’s where everyone is experiencing your content.”
“You need short form content to grab attention.”
“I’m a fan of long form content, because it creates better customers.”
“Learn production, or have someone on your team that knows production.”
“If you have something to say, say it.”
“What are ten things outside of music that you’re passionate about?” - on creating content
“Points of affinity are the things that drive us and brings us together.”
“Playing a field of one is much better than competing in a sea of thousands.” “Pick and master the platform that you enjoy and like the most.”
“You can dominate one or two social media platforms.”
“Play to your strengths.”
“Identify your 1,000 true fans, and put an ad in front of them.”
“Your real fan will pay your bills.”
“Reverse freaking engineer, it’s not rocket science.”
“Have a plan for how you’re going to do it.”
“Reverse engineer your plan, and make it realistic.”  
“Don’t consume to the point where it paralyzes you to create.”
“He who creates the most consistent content will win.”

Links to Things & People Mentioned
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Gary Vaynerchuck
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Kap Kallous  
Black Rooster Taqueria in Orlando
Mike Stud
Trophy Room in Orlando
Marcus Jordan
1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly
Full Sail University
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