Brad Mason - Finding Motivation by Being Fully Engaged Through Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, and Giving Back to the Community

Brad Mason

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I started off 2018 with a new approach to setting New Year's Resolutions and goals. I took a note from the Tim Ferriss email newsletter, and went through my 2017 calendar. In addition to that, I went through my 2017 Facebook and Instagram timeline since I don’t put everything on my calendar. Then I made a list of all the things that I really enjoyed and people I enjoyed spending time with, and a list for the negative or sad moments, and people that I didn’t enjoy spending time with. After making the list, I went through the positives and highlighted the 20-30% of things that brought me the most joy. Normally I would’ve done the same with the negative list, but those were mostly situational things - hurricanes, death, and losses. On the list of positives, I even highlighted the things that brought me joy that I wish I  did more of, such as meditation, giving back, and exercise. My goal for 2018, is to schedule the things that bring me the most joy as much as possible. If possible, daily!

This conversation with Brad Mason, not only challenged me to stick to this, but to also challenge myself more mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I believe I scratched the surface of that in 2017, this year I want to get uncomfortable challenging myself in those areas. What motivates and inspires you? What are your challenges? In this conversation with Brad Mason, we talk about motivation, giving back, time management, setting goals, getting out of a rut, dealing with anxiety, and much more. One of the main drivers to motivation that Brad talks about is optimizing your nutrition, movement, and sleep. These are the things that will help make motivation easier. However, that has to come from within ourselves. Someone can create the perfect job with the right amount of money, in the most beautiful city for you, but that doesn’t guarantee motivation and happiness. It all begins with you, and if you’re struggling, it’s time to move more, eat healthier, and get enough daily sleep.

Brad Mason is an attorney that graduated from Drake University School of Law and Vice President at a bank technology company. At his core, it has always been important for him to do something positive to impact the community. Regardless of working 60 to 80 hour weeks, he uses strategies to allow him to be more engaged, effective, happy in life and make time to give back. From running obstacle courses to marathons, Brad tries to make sure he’s always fully engaged and present in the moment. This has allowed him to be able to do more in life, and unplugging gives him the energy to be fully engaged in other areas. Brad has always been one of my mentors, and someone who inspires me. It’s really exciting to kick off 2018 with an episode that will hopefully motivate you to be more fully engaged.

Also, I want to challenge you to give more in 2018. This can be in time, money, energy, and effort. As Brad Mason mentions in this episode, even if it’s something as little as a smile and holding the door for someone to get you going to giver more. The world needs you to be fully engaged, and share your love with others. Below are a list of places to where you can start to learn about volunteer opportunities.

The Give Team 

The Give Team 

Highlights from this Episode
[3:50] What is the Give Team?
[6:38] The story of Brad Mason
[8:38] What motivates Brad Mason
[11:50] Why do people struggle with motivation?
[13:22] How to figure out your WHY
[17:15] Most common bad advice with motivation
[19:08] Being fully engaged
[24:03] Getting out of a rut or bad days
[25:22] Working on self-awareness
[26:45] Motivating and working with unmotivated or negative people
[29:17] Lesson learned from a moment that didn’t go your way
[32:20] Dealing with Anxiety
[34:02] Goal Setting
[43:27] The average of the 5 people you hang out with the most
[45:40] Time Management and Setting Realistic Expectations
[48:40] Finding the time, money, and/or effort to give more
[50:42] Finding opportunities to find a cause that speaks to you
[52:00] Joining the Give Team from afar
[53:38] Getting businesses and organizations more involved
[54:31] One of Brad’s favorite stories of giving back
[1:00:35] Getting to Know Brad Mason

Quotes from Brad Mason
“Life is a team sport, so draft your team accordingly.”
“Seek out those who can help you get to where you want to go.”
“By unplugging from one part of your life, and plugging into another, you give yourself energy in those other areas.”
“Nutrition, Movement, and Sleep - if you can nail those things, you’ll get the most out of your time here.”
“Write down, what are the words that define you and who you are.”
“Motivation is magic! You know when you got it.”
“We have the mental capacity to be at an optimum state for 90 minutes.”
“You got to go see pain because on the other side of pain is joy and greatness.”  
“When you see something that’s really firing you up, go engage and learn more about it.”
“Our brain naturally wants to go to the easy thing...go seek those things that might be difficult and challenging.”
“Events and engagements aren’t what defines you, it’s how you respond to those things that define you.”
“What are the characters that make you who you are, and make sure that your goal aligns with that.”
“The goal is where you’re going, but it’s how you’re getting there that defines who you are.”
“You don’t have to enjoy every part of the process.”
“If you go in knowing you’re going to learn along the way, and you enjoy learning, then there is minimal risk.”
“Is it going to cause you to hit the snooze button, or is it going to cause you to put your feet on the floor.”
“The stronger we are, the more we are going to accomplish.”
“Never beat yourself up. Ever! There is nothing to be gained from that.”
“Worry is the worst emotion. It has no positive effect at all.”
“Life is nothing but a series of habits and experiences. So make those habits intentional and those experiences amazing.”
“If you fell down, then get back up. Keep moving, because moment is magic”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
The Give Team
Parramore Neighborhood
New Image Youth Center
Rock for Hunger
Human Performance Institute
Inky Johnson
Jacko Willink
Boys and Girls Club
Musicians on Call
Zach Deputy
Bee Gees
Pat Benatar
Bruce Springsteen
Tim Ferriss Podcast
James Altucher Podcast
Jim Loehr
David Goggins
Eric Thomas
The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
The Big Potential by Shawn Achor

Brad Mason’s Definition of Making It:
Getting in touch with Brad Mason
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Instagram: @thegiveteam

Volunteer Opportunities:
New Image Youth Center - 
The Give Team -
Volunteer Match - 
Musicians on Call -
Create the Good - 
ONE Campaign -
Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 
Your local Church
Your local Animal Shelter
And many many more

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