Kelly Kapp - VP of Touring and Executive VP of House of Blues Entertainment Talent at Live Nation - 17 Years of Touring and Artist Development

Kelly Kapp with Adora DORAble Duchess of Fluffington

Kelly Kapp with Adora DORAble Duchess of Fluffington

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Kelly Kapp is the VP of Touring and Executive VP of House of Blues Entertainment Talent at Live Nation. She is the first executive working in a dual role with both the Clubs & Theaters division and U.S. Concerts division, reporting to both Bob Roux and Ron Bension.  Kapp has been with Live Nation for 17 years, where she started as a Project Manager for North American Concerts. One of her first major tours was Ozzfest, where she got to work with the team of former Live Nation touring VP, Jane Holeman, President at AGI and Agent, Marsha Vlasic, and Sharon Osbourne. In 2006, when Live Nation acquired House of Blues, Kelly Kapp became the first tour buyer working with Kevin Morrow. In this new dual role she books over 800 shows per year, and will now be able to develop artists from clubs and theaters to the next level of arenas and venues over 2,000 capacity. 

Some of the tours Kelly Kapp has worked with include Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me the Horizon, Dita Von Teese, Hanson, Frank Turner, Anberlin, Korn, Chevelle, Ghost, the Used, Hollywood Undead, All Time Low, Dashboard Confessional, Bullet For My Valentine, Sum 41, In This Moment, Black Label Society, Elle King, HIM, Bad Religion, Stone Sour, Circa Survive, Between the Buried And Me, Hobo Johnson, August  Burns Red, Mayday Parade, NOFX, Parkway Drive, Volbeat, Asking Alexandria, the Maine, Meshuggah, Motionless In White, As I Lay Dying, Black Veil Brides, Limp Bizkit, Trivium, 3OH!3, Nothing More, Amon Amarth, Taking Back Sunday, Against Me!, Issues, Seether, Periphery, Papa Roach, Pierce the Veil, Testament, Marianas Trench, One Ok Rock, Falling In Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, Megadeth, I Prevail, Simple Plan, Beartooth, Clutch, and Dethklok, and many more. (List from Celebrity Access Interview)

I had the honor of working with Kelly Kapp for a short time when I was at House of Blues New Orleans. Our office booked quite a few of her tours at both our House of Blues Music Hall (850 capacity) and the venue I was responsible for, The Parish (370 capacity). It’s not everyday when you have people that believe in you and are supportive of you. It’s been very humbling and inspiring in the last couple of months to find so many supporters in one place. That’s a story for another time. I’m excited to share this conversation with all the listeners. This conversation is such a gift, and Kapp really dove in deep sharing lessons and wisdom from her time so far in the music industry. Thank you, Kelly Kapp!! 

Adopt a pet, learn more about the Bruce Kapp Animal Fund

Adopt a pet, learn more about the Bruce Kapp Animal Fund

Quotes from Kelly Kapp
“Everyone that’s in this business, is very lucky to be in this business.”
“It is really important to make connections, and stay in touch with people.” 
“Be so good at your job that nobody ever thinks about your gender.” 
“Letting people that are flying off the handle know that they’re being heard, is super important and it deescalates the situation.” 
“If you put it down in black and white, and send it over email, it’s going to live in infamy. And by the way, that email can go anywhere.” 
“If you have a relationship, nurture that relationship.” 
“There are not many industries where you are that entrenched with people outside of your company that you do work with.”
“The operations part of what we do is such an unsung part of our business.” 
“Talk to people that have been successful at it, but also talk to people that had to close their doors.” 
“We have production managers who are then asked to do math after a 16 hour day.” 
“Get to a place where you are an expert at deal types.” 
“A team behind a new artist is way easier to get going than just a lone wolf.”
“You don’t want to add people to your team just to add people to your team.” 
“The most successful artists out there have surrounded themselves with people that care as much about their career as they do.”  
“You are not going to be a successful artist if you cannot perform live.” 
“If it’s your goal, you need to be clear cut with your goal and not get side tracked.” 
“Have respect for yourself.” 

Kelly Kapp, Live Nation.jpg

Highlights from this Episode
[8:56] New roles as Vice President of Touring and Executive Vice President of House of Blues Entertainment Talent
[12:40] Growing up in the Music Business 
[14:58] Starting in the business as a Project Manager 
[19:08] Turning point of falling in love with the business 
[21:47] Working with old mentors 
[23:37] Building good relationships 
[28:35] The women of Ozzfest 
[32:25] Dealing with bad tempers 
[38:12] Staying organized with 850 shows per year 
[41:56] Major Markets, Secondary Markets, and Tertiary Markets 
[44:02] Working for House of Blues with Kevin Marrow 
[48:26] Lessons learned from her father, Bruce Kapp 
[53:01] Advice for someone wanting to open a venue 
[56:35] Courses college students should take to prepare for the music business 
[1:00:15] How do tour deals come together 
[1:07:10] What role does touring play into Artist Development? 
[1:09:30] Does an artist still need a label if they have a good manager, agent, and are able to do a Live Nation tour? 
[1:13:15] What every artist needs to be successful 
[1:14:50] Becoming a successful Talent Buyer 
[1:19:30] Getting to know Kelly Kapp 

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Nick Storch, Agent at AGI
Bruce Kapp, VP of Talent at Live Nation
Jane Holman
As I Lay Dying
Steve Martin, Agent at APA
Bob Roux, Live Nation President of US Concerts 
Marsha Vlasic, President and Agent at AGI
Sharon Osbourne 
10% Happier App
Katie Davie, Project Coordinator at Live Nation
Falling in Reverse
Ron Bension, President of House of Blues Entertainment
Ben Weeden, COO of House of Blues Entertainment
Kevin Morrow, CEO at Steel Wool / former President at Live Nation New York 
Tim Borror, Agent at Sound Talent Group
Eric Tobin, EVP A&R at Hopeless Records
Frank Turner
Cypress Hill 
Amon Amarth
Dita Von Teese
Chris Carrabba 
Promoter 101 [Podcast]
Agent vs Promoter [Instagram] 
Celebrity Access 
Dave Shapiro, Founder of Sound Talent Group
Ryan Harlacher, Agent at CAA
Jared Martin, Agent at CAA
Eric Powell, Agent at Sound Talent Group 
Ice Nine Kills 

Kelly Kapp’s Definition of Making It:
“Everyday I still get up and strive to be better than I was the day before. There are still artists that I wanted to work with that I haven’t worked with.” 

Get in touch with Kelly Kapp 

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Jim Mallonee - 35+ Years of Booking and Promoting the Greatest Artists of our Lifetime at the Highest Level

Ep.080 Cover - Jim Mallonee.jpg

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |

One can’t do a lot of things great at one time, but one can do a lot of great things over a lifetime. Jim Mallonee is the Senior Vice President of Southeast Booking for Live Nation and House of Blues Entertainment. With over 35+ years of promoting concerts in the Southeast United States, he has worked with some of the greatest artists in our generation. Any reputable booking agent that has booked a show in the Southeast over the last 35 years, has worked with Jim Mallonee. He is a true legend of our industry, and established longevity in the music business through kindness, mentorship, and building amazing teams around him. This podcast was recorded live from University of Central Florida (UCF). In this conversation we cover some of the many stories that Jim has to share, his journey, advice on getting into the business, and much more.

I met Jim Mallonee prior to working at House of Blues in New Orleans. It was while I was still at the Plaza Live. At the time, I had already interviewed for HOB New Orleans the first time, and didn’t get the job offer. From that interview I learned a lot, and the importance of relationships. I really wanted to get to know Jim Mallonee, and learn what characteristics it would take to get a job with Live Nation in the future. When I reached out, he invited me to lunch at House of Blues. From the first minute, he was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in the business full of wisdom, passion to teach, and wanting to empower others. I remember him ordering multiple desserts, just because he wanted me to try them. That was such a fun meeting. It was 2 years later, when I finally got a job offer to come to House of Blues New Orleans, where I met so many amazing people who have become my mentors. It’s a real blessing to have been able to work for Jim Mallonee’s team, and still having him as a friend many years later.

To learn more about the shows Jim Mallonee is booking visit or

This episode was recorded LIVE form the University of Central Florida - the National Football Champions!!

Highlights from this episode:
[3:54] How Do You Stay Motivated
[5:47] Good traits of a Talent Buyer
[12:58] Background of Musician Days
[18:53] Day to Day Schedule
[23:09] Low Turnover Rate @ Live Nation
[26:24] Life Lessons
[28:23] Changing A Show Lineup Last Minute
[31:36] Social Media
[31:47] Small Artists Blowing Up
[33:33] How Artists Change Over Time
[35:20] Some Things Students Should Work on to Build Resume
[37:11] Booking Artists
[42:57] Balance Between Personal and Work Life
[46:34] First Concert
[46:53] Something Jim is Excited About
[48:28] Guilty Food Pleasures
[50:22] Hollywood Vampires
[52:15] Storytime

Quotes from Jim Mallonee:
“You need to listen with your head, not your heart. You’ve got to be able to be profitable."
“You’ve got to listen to what other people say about this artist.”
“Show em, be truthful, be ethical. Be ethical every minute of every day.”
“If they can count on you, they will remember that next time when something good comes along.”
“People by and large, people don’t forget when they see you take hard times and make them into as good as they can be.”
“I make myself manually a list of my goals for the day. And these change a lot. We work in a business that is very so peaks and valleys. You win big and loose big.”
“I don’t like to hire people that I have to boss and tell what to do everyday.”
“You’ve got to respect different styles. I want people of varied opinions, different backgrounds.”
“I bug the crap out of everyone I deal with. I say 'REALLY give me your opinion on this or that.’”
“Don’t get blind-sided. This is about a hell of a lot more than you. Quit being a bull-head SOB and move forward.”
“Take the first thing that makes sense with the company you are with, take the lowest level dog, work like a mad-demon. Make sure you take on 3-people’s jobs. Make yourself indispensable at all times.”
“It will take you 2-3 years to do 2-3 people’s jobs so you will be of value.”
“80 hours a week, every week without fail.”
“I generally do listen to every artist before we book them.”
“With breaking artists, it just don’t work with radio anymore.”
“Sometimes you just have to take the weekend off."
“Michael Rapino gives a damn about the people.”
“I’m inspired by moments.”
“Music industry needs heart."

Jim Mallonee's Definition of Making It:
"To get those (exceptional) moments"

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Host: Chris Goyzueta (Chris G.)
Producer: Jason Trosclair
Executive Producer: ONElive Creative Agency  
Music: Emily Kopp

Ben Weeden - COO of House of Blues Entertainment at Live Nation - Building the Largest Portfolio of Clubs & Theaters for the Most Powerful Concert Promoter in the World

EP050 Cover Ben Weeden.jpg

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes | Stitcher |

Benjamin Weeden is the COO of House of Blues Entertainment at Live Nation for their Clubs & Theaters division. In 2016, his team promoted over 10,000 concerts in the United States. The company owns and operates clubs and theaters all over the United States, and is most known for it’s House of Blues and Fillmore brands. Ben has been with the company literally since day one, having worked along with one of his mentors and CEO of Live Nation, Michael Rapino. In this conversation, we celebrate our 50th episode, and Ben shares a ton of insight and wisdom from his time in the Entertainment Business. We discuss his experience and how he got in, what makes a great talent buyer, what makes his division unique, the most in demand jobs at Live Nation, what his ideal curriculum would look at a Music Business school, and much more.

I have a ton of students that want to become Talent Buyers or work for Live Nation. Ben Weeden shares some great insight on what he personally looks for in Talent Buyers, and also the need for great promoters. In today’s touring industry, understanding social media, how to place efficient and effective ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagarm, etc. is crucial to being a great marketer/promoter. Also, Ben talks a lot about analyzing data in this episode. One of the jobs I consistently see posted the most is for data analysts. If you can learn how to make marketing decisions based on data analysis, and then sell tickets, that’s where the money is! If you can do that, you’re going to be very successful as a marketer. I love this episode, and how he shared the importance of getting used to promoting 100+ shows per year to become a good Talent Buyer, and put yourself through bootcamp to get ready for the big leagues with Live Nation.

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Highlights from this Episode
(5:30) Ben’s role at Live Nation
(7:00) New venues, acquired and built
(7:42) Sought out trends in the market
(9:50) Current trends in today’s music business, based on live shows
(13:00) Raising ticket prices for smaller, DIY artists
(14:51) Ben’s start in the business
(21:54) Advice for students aspiring to work in Live Nation
(24:50) Advice for talent buying without wasting money
(27:28) Most in demand jobs in the industry
(28:40) College degrees/classes that add value to the music business
(30:30) Courses for Music Business students
(33:17) Lessons learned from Michael Rapino and other mentors
(36:14) Advice on marketing budgeting for emerging bands
(37:53) Ben’s routine for stress relief and mental health
(41:15) Words of wisdom for future talent buyers/promoters

Quotes from Ben Weeden
“When expanding, population and disposable income are two of the most important data points”
“We’re trying to raise our tickets prices in such a way that it goes up with the inevitable rise in talent.”
“For better or for worse, the price of talent will never go down”
“We got to get better at pricing the house without pricing people out of the house.”
“In order to be a top-notch talent buyer, we generally look for buyers that have been playing with their own money, have been promoting a significant volume of shows (over 100 shows a year) and battling bigger guys [in the business]”
“I’ve got a lot of respect for buyers that go out on their own and carve out a niche for themselves”
“Learning the marketing side is very important because at the end of the day we don’t want just talent buyers, we want promoters.”
“We’re all going to book shows that are going to lose money; let’s just learn from it and make sure we don’t book that same show at the same price again.”
“On average, our senior promoters are booking over 200 shows a year…you have to get time with your family; you have to get time with yourself, you have to get time to take your vacations because this business just never stops…”
“It’s a tough business; it’s a grind; if you love music this is certainly the industry to be in nowadays given the importance of touring…you have to find the experience booking shows…take whatever experience you can”
“It’s a great time to be in this business, it’s only going to continue to grow, and there’s only going to be more opportunities…it is a real grind, you have to be prepared for that.”
“Get grounded on all the different facets, finance, marketing, operations and hopefully find a job at a smaller club, grinding it out and booking at a lower volume cause there is where you’re going to get experience.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Live Nation
Grand Rapids (20 Monroe Live)
HOB Anaheim
Buckhead Theater
Queen Theatre
The Van Buren
Bear Sterns                                                                                                
SFX Entertainment
Robert Sillerman
Brian Becker
Milano Concerti
Michael Rapino
Clear Channel Entertainment
Britney Spears
Neil Diamond
Rolling Stones
Artist Nation
Ron Bension
Facebook Campaigns
Instagram Campaigns
Ohio State

Get in touch with Ben Weeden

Ben Weeden’s definition of making it:
“To continue to learn every day; I learn a lot from the younger people from our team as well as from the people above me. At some point, I would love to keep building and running this division and be thankful that I’m not in investment banking or selling insurance.”

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Episode Credits
Host: Chris Goyzueta
Producer: Jason Trosclair
Executive Producer: ONElive Creative Agency  
Music: Emily Kopp
Show Notes: Manuel Pachamoro