June Millington - A Fearless Pioneer for Women in Rock N’ Roll and Co-Founder of the All Girls Rock Band Fanny

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June Millington is one of the founders of Fanny, the first ever all-girls rock band to release an album on a major label. In 1970, Fanny released their self titled debut album on Reprise Records, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Records. All together Fanny released four albums on Reprise Records. As a young girl, June and her sister, Jean, moved with their family to the United States from the Philippines. From a very young age, June had to overcome many challenges being from a different country and being a female musician in the 60’s. Along with these challenges, June discovered a little later in life that she was deaf in one ear. However, she was determined to not let anything hold her back and be a musician. Playing music was something that always felt natural to her, and her courage has made her a true pioneer and someone who has made an impact on the history of music.

In 2018, Fanny reunited as Fanny Walked the Earth, and released a brand new album. Over the years, June has met some of the many legends in the music industry, and has some amazing stories and lessons she learned along the way. June is also the co-founder of the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) along with her partner Ann Hackler, where they provide music camps, lessons, a studio and much more for young aspiring girls in a positive and inspiring environment to create music and learn their voice. In this podcast episode, June shares some of the amazing stories and lessons from her journey, before, during, and after the original line-up of Fanny. I hope these stories will inspire you, and you enjoy listening to them as much as I did. June just might inspire you to overcome your fears and not let anything hold you back, and KICK SOME FANNY!

To learn more about June Millington visit https://www.fannywalkedtheearth.com/  and http://www.ima.org/.

Contribute to Jean Millington’s Go Fund Me Campaign

Contribute to Jean Millington’s Go Fund Me Campaign

Highlights from this Episode
[8:15] What does Rock N’ Roll Mean to June Millington
[14:40] Being the First All Girl Rock Band to Release an Album on a Major Label
[18:38] June’s Rock N’ Roll Girls Camp
[24:32] Making Decisions at Turning Points
[28:05] The Night at the Troubadour that Fanny got Signed
[39:50] Memorable Moments after first getting signed
[43:00] Working with Allen Toussaint
[51:27] Advice for Young Musicians
[53:50] Working as a Producer
[56:25] Which relocation made the biggest impact on June Millington
[59:00] Lesson young girls can learn from June’s journey
[1:02:10] Lessons that took June the longest to learn
[1:04:00] Rapid Fire Questions - Getting to know June Millington

Quotes from June Millington
“Rock N’ Roll is a Spiritual Calling”
“We were not fooling around, this was take no prisoners”
“When you play a part, you have to find a part when people play it later, they have to find your part.”
“Go for it, but get enough sleep”
“Take care of yourself, and never give up.”
“It’s not going to get any easier for you...it’s all going to take work.”
“You have to find your courage”
“You can’t give up, tomorrow is another day.”
“There are going to be high points, there are going to be low points, hopefully the average is something you can live with.”
“It’s magic and technology when you’re recording.”
“Life and death where that snare hits on 2, it be better be in the pocket, because I’m not going to stamp your passport.”
“Learn how to work with the fear.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Fanny Walked the Earth
Sly & the Family Stone
The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA (Music Venue)
Angela Davis
Ann Hackler
Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
Buffalo Springfield
Jimi Hendrix
The Monkees
Frank Zappa
Ella Fitzgerald
The Kinks
The Fillmore West (Music Venue)
The Fillmore East  (Music Venue)
Whiskey A Go Go (Music Venue)
Dr. John
Allen Toussaint
ISIS (All Girl Jazz Band)
David Bowie
Lady Marmalade
Patti Smith
Marry Watkins
Cris Williamson
Tina Turner
Ike Turner
[BOOK] Land of a Thousand Bridges by June Millington

June Millington’s Definition of Making It:
“Everything when it gets really good, no matter what’s going on around you, it gets really quiet, and that’s the place I like.”

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