Angela Mastrogiacomo - Building Your Story Through Written Form, From Artists Bios To Social Media Management, Publicity And Much More

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Angela Mastrogiacomo is an entrepreneur, publicist, blogger, and founder of Muddy Paw PR and Infectious Magazine. What inspires me about Angela, is all the amazing content she puts out there for artists to learn more about email etiquette, social media management and marketing, mental health issues in the music business, motivation, and so much more. The amount of information she contributes to the industry is too much for one podcast episode, and we’ll definitely need to get her back for a round two. This episode is packed with information on social media management and marketing, writing your own bio, how to get a publicist and what she looks for in artists, and much more.

Article by Angela Mastrogiacomo on ReverbNation

Article by Angela Mastrogiacomo on ReverbNation

Highlights from this Episode
[4:25] Differences between Music Industry in Canada and United States
[7:35] Muddy Paw PR
[8:53] Angela’s Journey in the Music Business
[12:52] Things she looks for in potential clients
[15:18] Tips on telling the Artist Story
[18:15] How to find a bio writer
[19:10] Things to not put into a bio, and format musicians should follow
[21:43] Band having its own persona
[23:30] How can artists use their persona on social media and the 70/20/10 Rule
[29:01] How would an artist reach out to fans of similar artist
[33:48] What should artists include on their website
[38:02] What makes a good newsletter and what’s the best way to collect emails
[42:08] Utilizing a Blog to build your brand and following
[44:47] How to make the most out of interviews and things to avoid
[47:57] When to reach out to publicists, and things to look for
[50:26] How long an artist should work with a publicist and having realistic expectations
[55:42] Topics Angela wants artists to know more about
[1:00:12] Angela Mastrogiacomo

Quotes from Angela Mastrogiacomo
“Looking back now, I really wish I started with an internship first.”
“A lot of artists suffer by trying to cut costs and write their bio themselves.”
“Someone that reaches out with well enough lead time shows that they are a serious artist.”
“Authenticity will always translate better.”
“There is nothing worse [in a bio] than a band's entire history.”
“Use your bio as a place to let people in on your personality.”
“It’s such an essential component that you’re promoting other bands to build that community and build that network.”
“Social Media should be treated as you would any friendship.”
“What matters is the connection your audience feels with you, and they can’t feel connected to you, if all you’re doing is selling to them.”
“Your website is your hub.”
“One you’re super clear on your brand, everything else will fall into place.”
“There is nothing really that replaces in person [meeting fans].”
“The actual value comes from getting to those vulnerable spots...those are the things that connect us as humans.”
“Even if it’s a small blog, you have to treat it like it’s the biggest blog in the world.”
“You should be grateful if your publicist tells you up front something is not going to happen.”
“A big part of PR is getting in front of the industry.”  
“PR is all about building buzz and getting your name out there.”
“It’s important to hire people to help you. You can’t do everything.”
“There is nothing more important than your own mental health and sanity.”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
Factor Music Grant [Canada]
Muddy Paw PR
Infectious Magazine
Michael Franti
Shadow of Whales
1,000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly [Blog Article]
Electric Kiwi
Alternative Press
Green Day

The Defining Decade by Meg Jay
The Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Angela’s Definition of Making It
“That feeling of fulfillment when you’re working towards something that matters.”

Getting in touch with Angela

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Holly Garman - A Creative Approach to Starting a Business in Public Relations Ranging from Music, Fashion, Food, and Theater

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With a diverse background in fashion, food , music and theater, Holly brings a unique blend of creativity, passion and strategic planning to her life as a publicist--generating major results and leaving a lasting impact for each client she represents. Holly began her career as a press liaison at The Comcast Center for the Performing Arts (formerly Great Woods) outside of Boston where she guided on-site press efforts for Elton John, Cher, Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Graham Nash, Phil Collins, Bon Jovi and more. In 2009, she launched her own company, HMG Public Relations, where she started off handling PR needs for musicians. Over the years, her company has expanded into many other areas of entertainment such as Broadway Brews, Nonprofits, fashion, theater, and many other exciting adventures. In this episode, we discuss what a publicist does for musicians. At what point should an artist acquire a publicist, and how much lead time should they have prior to releasing an album. Also, what does she look for in artists she works with, her thoughts on press releases, artist bios, how to reach out to the media, and much more.

Highlights from this Episode
(5:56) What is a publicist?
(7:14) Favorite thing about being a publicist
(9:09) Recent success story
(12:26) Holly’s origin story
(18:12) Current clients and work
(21:47) Criteria to work with artists
(24:17) How to begin your story
(29:53) Ideal release timeline for an EP
(31:45) Good artist bio
(33:25) Common questions for a bio
(34:20) Press releases
(35:40) Reaching the press
(37:31) Proper follow up with the press
(39:17) Common mistakes
(40:35) Right time to reach out to a publicist
(41:20) How to become a publicist
(43:47) “Holly’s courses” to become a publicist
(45:50) First concert and first album
(46:26) Favorite books and documentaries
(46:58) Past and current mentors
(48:44) Platonic drinking buddies
(50:17) Fill-in-the-blanks

Quotes from Holly Garman
“publicists create relationships between artists and press”
“publicity is NOT paid for”
“it’s my job to make them [press] think they discovered on their own”
“if no one knows you, is that much harder”
“there are no guarantees with any sort of PR that is going to stick”
“it’s really important not to take an artist on too early”
“look at what makes you unique and keep really applying yourself that way”
“highlight what is cool about what is happening with your career right now”
“know that publicists talk to each other”
“[for a bio] tell a story rather than listing boring information”   
“the best thing you can do is really know who you’re reaching out to”
“It’s important to understand the audience your creating publicity for”
“A lot of mentors come and go and that’s ok”

Links to people, places, and things mentioned
My Dear Disco/Ella Riot
Michelle Chamuel
Hydrogen Child
Emily Kopp
Broadway Brews Project
NYC Brewers Guild
Beach Boys & Chicago in Madison Square Garden
Abbey Road, The Beatles
The Catcher in the Rye
Rockwood Music Hall
Thomas Jefferson

Definition of Making it
"When you wake up everyday excited to go to work"

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Executive Producer: ONElive Creative Agency  
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